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Ammo: Ujindou Thompson 20-Round Mag Boots: Ujindou Mens M1943 U.S. Two-Buckle Boots w/Feet Coat: Ujindou Men M1939 Overcoat Cover: Ujindou OD Scarf
Cover: Ujindou OD Scarf
Our Price: $0.99
Hands: Ujindou Mens Relaxed Hands Hands: Ujindou Mens Weapon Grip Head: Ujindou Jeremiah Helmet: Ujindou Mens M1 Helmet (M1)
Hands: Ujindou Mens Weapon Grip
Our Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.50
Head: Ujindou Jeremiah
Our Price: $18.99
Holster: Ujindou Mens Leather-Like M3 Shoulder Holster Insignia: Ujindou Sergeant Chevron Patches (Peel and Stick) Pants: Ujindou Mens M1943 Trousers Pistol: Ujindou M1911A1 Pistol
Tool: Coo Models Ankle Pegs