Boxed Figure: Kaustic Plastik Roman Legionary (1st Century AD) (GIKP-WH15) Boxed Figure: Flagset 90th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (73007) DZ Model 1/6 full metal Hetzer Tri- Colour Ambush Scheme Boxed Figure: Soldier Story Iraq Special Operations Forces “ISOF” (SS-105)
Boxed Figure: E&S SMU Tier-1 Operator Part III "The Raid" (ES-26009S) Boxed Figure: TiTToys The Wolf Brigade-Black Wolf (TIT-009) Uniform Set: Fire Girl VIP Security Assurance Team Boxed Figure: DamToys KSK Kommando Spezialkrafte Leader (78054)
Boxed Figure: Brown Art French Field Artillery Gunner of Napoleonic Wars (B-A0003S) Boxed Figure: Alert Line WWII Royal Air Force - Fighter Pilot (AL-10019) Boxed Figure: DamToys U.S. Marine Tet Offensive 1968 (78038) Boxed Figure: E&S Z.E.R.T. Joint Task Force Asia -- Assaulter