DiD 1/12th Prime Minister of United Kingdom - Winston Churchill (XK80002) Black Box Conor (BB-9022) Hot Toys Luke Skywalker (Deluxe Version) (909048) DiD WWI British Officer Colonel Mackenzie (B11012)
DamToys Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Spetsnaz MVD VV OSN Vityaz (DAM-78087) Boxed Figure: Shark Toys 1/12th The Father (ST-01) Hot Toys Black Widow (908908) ES Tier 1 SMU Operator Part XI QRF Exclusive Version (ES-26040S)
Hot Toys Boba Fett (Repaint Armor) and Throne (908858) HY Toys Imperial Army Hunting Ground Fighter - SCISSOR (HY-HH18034) FacePool US 101st Airborne Private (FP-006) DamToys Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Alexios (DAM-DMS019)