Display: New Wave Toys 1/6 Street Fighter II: Champion Edition x RepliCade (905213) Rifle: Green Wolf Gear H&K MP7 Set (GWG-012) DamToys Special Operations Forces of Russia (SSO) (78075) TBLeague Gethsemoni The Dead Queen (PL2019-147)
DamToys Assassin's Creed II Ezio (DAM-DMS012) Head: Super Duck Caucasian Head Sculpt (SET-SDH018) ES NSWDG Escorting Team (ES-36001) DamToys US Navy Special Operations Development Group NSWDG-AOR2 Camo Ver. (78072)
Character Set: YM Toys Freddy or Jason Boxed Figure: DiD 3R WWII Operation Anthropoid - Reinhard Heydrich (GM634) ES NSW OPS OVERWATCH Sharpshooter (ES-26036R) Boxed Figure: 3R Erwin Rommel, Desert Fox (GM621)