Black Box Jack D Deluxe (BB-9014B) POP Toys 1:12 WWII US Rescue Squad HY Toys Imperial Army - Imperial Dato (HY-HH18008) Tent: Battle Gear Toys WWII German Stabszelt 2 (Afrikakorps mustard)
Collectible Figure: Neca Halloween 2018 inch Ultimate Michael Myers (60687) DiD WWII German Fallschirmjager Schmeling (80146) Hot Toys Harley Quinn (906232) DamToys 1/12th ARMY 25th Infantry Division Private w/Grenade Launcher (DAM-PES011)
DamToys US Navy Special Operations Development Group NSWDG-AOR2 Camo Ver. (78072) Flagset Red Alert Soviet Female Officer Katyusha (F73029) TBLeague Sariah, the Goddess of War (PL2020-161) Rifle Set: Easy + Simple Ranger Firearm Pack A (ES-06022)