About Us: Established in 1998, Monkey Depot specializes in the sale of high quality military themed action figures, toy soldiers, die cast models, and books and has been serving history enthusiasts for 20 years. We operate a worldwide mail order service along with a brick and mortar showroom in Mesa, Arizona.

History: Monkey Depot was born out of frustration. In 1998, 1/6th action figures entered into their second Golden Age with a steady supply of higher detailed mass produced items. As hobbyists ourselves, it was hard to find just the individual parts we needed to complete a project. Before Monkey Depot, if you wanted 5 of a particular item, you either bought 5 sets or hoped you could trade for them on the boards. We started to break the sets from the manufacturers down and sell them by their individual parts. At the time, other dealers said we were nuts. Today, everybody does it. In fact, over the past 10 years, we have seen many dealers come and go (many of them "borrowing" quite heavily from the Monkey Depot formula) while Monkey Depot continues to grow and serve the hobby in innovative ways.

Today: The growth of the 1/6th hobby has fueled our growth. However, through the years we have continued to add product lines that fit the military theme. Today Monkey Depot carries a wide selection of action figures, toy soldiers, die cast models, trading miniatures, books, finishing supplies and more. We are constantly adding products and searching the globe to find new lines of high quality military figures, models, and miniatures.

Philosophy: We believe that a successful company has to have the best combination of selection, service, and price. We believe that any company can (and will) make mistakes. What separates the good companies from the bad ones is their ability and willingness to make things right. We are proud of our worldwide reputation for service. You can go on many forums throughout the world and read about the superior level of Monkey Depot service. We guarantee your total satisfaction. We invite you to read our Polices and FAQ's section for specifics and please feel free to contact us with any questions.