Head: FacePoolFigure Female Head Sculpt with Expression (FP-H-003) Boxed Figure: E&S MARSOC Raider Urban Warfare Operator 5th Ann. (ES-26027) Boxed Figure: Creator Studio Ghost Sister (CRS-001) Display: Go Truck 1/6 Defensive Barriers (GH016-011-MDdba)
Boxed Figure: DiD SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich MG42 Gunner B “Egon” (80131) Boxed Figure: TBLeague Anck Su Namun, Princess of Egypt (PL2018-129) Boxed Figure: COO Models Goddess Of Wisdom Athena (CM-HS01) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story US Army 28th Infantry Division Machine Gunner Arden 1944 (SS-111)
Boxed Figure: Royal Best German 9th Army WEHRMACHT " Johann Alber " (RB-1002) Boots: VS Toys Mountain Boots (VST-18XG22-23) Boxed Figure: DamToys French Police Unit Raid In Paris (DAM-78061) Boxed Figure: Toys Era The Prescience (TE-022)