Outfit: YM Toys Sexy Cat Girl (YMT-051) Very Cool MCB Camouflage Russian Special Combat Soldier (Black Vest) (VCF-2058A) Joy Toy 1/25th Iron Wrecker 03/04 DiD 1/12 Japan Samurai Series-Takeda Shingen (XJ80013)
TBLeague Vampire Slayer - Red (PL2021-184A) DamToys Operation Red Wings NAVY SEALS SDV Team 1 Radio Telephone Operator (78081) Ujindou WWII German LAH Division Hungary 1945 (UD-9010) Hot Toys Spider-Man (Integrated Suit) (909812)
DamToys 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit Force Reconnaissance Platoon (WMV) (78089) Flagset Modern Battlefield End War II Grim Reaper (F73043) ThreeZero The Walking Dead Maggie Rhee (3A-3Z00390W0) ES Special Mission Unit Part XII The Evacuation Team (ES-26044S)