Monkey Depot Policies

Last updated 12/13/2022
Since COVID FedEx will not guarantee their 2 Day or overnight delivery options

Monkey Depot
ships orders Monday through Friday (excluding some holidays). Orders are processed and shipped in the order they are received. Orders placed before 9am AZ time usually ship that same day or the next business day. However, during especially busy periods, it can take 2 business days for an order to be processed and shipped.
Please understand that if your order still shows it is in processing that there is a good chance it has already been packed and picked up. Most orders are updated and marked as shipped at one time and it typically is after they have been picked up by FedEx or USPS.

The shipping rate you are quoted during checkout is only an estimate based on the products and destination, we may need to contact you for additional shipping charges due to an item(s) pushing the size or weight into a different shipping tier.

Any order can have a signature attached to it. Signature may cost up to $6.00. Please make a note on the order or email us with the order number. We reserve the right to attach a direct signature to any order

Holding Orders - Combine and Ship

If you select this option during checkout, we will hold your paid orders for up to 90 days (payment must be received within 7 days). You may place additional orders and we will hold them until you contact us to have them shipped. Since we sometimes combine orders as they are placed you will not be allowed to select particular orders to ship. Once requested then all held orders must be shipped together.

Once 90 days have passed from the date of the original order, you will need to request to have your orders combined and shipped or we will attach a weekly storage fee of $5.00 until the orders are shipped out. Removing or canceling items may result in a restocking fee (up to 25%). Once you have requested to have the held orders combined and shipped any changes after this may result in a 50% restocking fee. We will not adjust prices on any held orders.

Once you request to have your current orders shipped, we will combine them and email you shipping quotes (depending on the size of the shipments, it may take several days before we get back to you with a quote).
Please understand that once you request to have your orders combined and shipped, any new orders placed will be held for the following shipment.

In-Store Pickup

Only select this option if you plan on coming into our shop to pickup your order.

Box Conditions

If you require a mint box please leave a note on the order and we will do our best to accommodate your request but please understand that some of the boxes that arrive from our distributors may already have damage on them but we will do our best to send out the best looking box that we have left. We also can not guarantee it will arrive mint as we do not hand deliver packages. We will not issue discounts, credits or refunds on the item or shipping cost if the box arrives damaged.
If an item is missing from your order and we still have the item here, we will ship it to you at no charge (we will choose the shipping method).

Please read the guidelines for shipping below

Domestic (US) shipping guidelines

Overseas (outside the US) shipping guidelines

We want you to be satisfied with your order. However, should anything not be to your satisfaction, you can return the item for a refund minus the shipping charges. If there needs to be a return due to a mistake on our part, we will pay all shipping charges. All items must be returned in the same condition as they were received. You have 7 days from receipt of order to let us know of a problem with your order. All returns MUST have a Return Authorization from Monkey Depot prior to being sent back.
Monkey Depot can not be held responsible for any items that may stain or mark up bodies, clothing or other pieces even if the manufacturer makes claims that their product will not do so.

Factory Defects:
The different manufacturers that we carry each have different rules as to how they like to handle defects. Should you receive a packaged item that is damaged from the manufacturer, please let us know and we will let you know where to send it for an exchange. In most cases, Monkey Depot will handle the exchange and the shipping fees.

Payment Methods:
Credit cards

We accept all major credit cards for payment. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Our site uses a secure server and all data is transmitted encrypted. Using your credit card is safe and secure at Monkey Depot. Your order is charged at the time it is placed. If any items are out of stock, we will issue a refund the next business day.

Payment by mail (Check or Money Order):
You can place an order through our site and select to pay by mail with check or money order. Your items are pulled and held until funds arrive.

You have 7 days from the date of placing the order for the funds to reach us. If funds are not received within one week, we cancel the order and return the items to stock.

We have had many problems in the past of people placing orders and us holding the product only for them to never pay or cancel the order. If any customer should not pay or cancel more than 2 pay by mail orders we will no longer hold products for that customer. We value your business. However, when you do not pay it ties up our inventory and keeps other customers from being able to purchase those items. It is also work for us to pull and process an order only to not get paid for it.

Any check that is returned unpaid (i.e. a bounced check) is subject to a $25 fee in addition to the original amount of the check and must be paid in certified funds. If a bounced check and fee remain unpaid, we will report it to the national check verification company that we use.

Pay Pal:
We accept Pay Pal. Please note that Pay Pal payment is expected at time of checkout. We will not hold items for Pay Pal payment at a later date.

Flex Pay Conditions (Updated 2/11/2020):
Monkey Depot is happy to offer a chance to obtain that special item on easy to manage payment terms.  Please read and understand the conditions prior to placing a Flex Pay order.

-Item must be $200 or more
-No more than one Flex Pay item at a time (before you can place another item on Flex Pay, you must pay off your prior Flex Pay)
-Item will be paid for over a period of 30 days in 3 equal payments (1/3 due at time of placing order, 1/3 due in two weeks, and the final 1/3 due 4 weeks after the order was placed) and will ship upon the final payment.
-Select Flex Pay as your payment option on checkout and you need to contact us with your payment info.

-You must contact us every 15 days to make payment  BY the due date. 

-There is a non refundable 10% of the original price restocking fee if you should cancel the order prior to shipping. In our $200 example below, that would mean it would cost you $20 to cancel the order.
-We do not allow items to be swapped on Flex Pay Orders. You may cancel one and start another, but this will incur the cancellation fee.​
-The first payment is due the day the order is placed. If the order is placed on a night or weekend, it is due the next business day. The time period for payments starts the first business day of/after the order being place.
-It is your responsibility to contact us for your payment. If you do not contact us within 48 business hours the order will be cancelled. If you'd like to pay through a Verified PayPal account, let us know by email or on the order notes at checkout and we will get the payments set up for you.


July 15th - you place an order for a $200 item. You contact us with payment information and you will pay $67.00 plus the shipping charge

July 30th - You need to contact us for another $66.00 payment

Aug 15th - You need to contact us for the final payment of $66.00 and we will ship the order to you.

If you select Flex Pay for a preorder item then the 30 day payment process starts the day we actually receive that item in stock.

Held Orders: If you would like to cancel or remove any item (items) that have been paid for or have been in our possession for longer than 7 days, you will be assessed a 10% restocking fee and the refund will only be issued back in store credit.

Monkey Depot will NEVER sell or give out any of your personal information to any other company or service. The information you send to Monkey Depot is kept on an encrypted secure server. For more in depth information on our privacy policy please CLICK THIS LINK.

Monkey Depot is not responsible for pricing errors on our website. We will always contact a customer prior to shipping to inform them if there has been an error in pricing. Bottom line is this: with thousands of SKU's to manage, there are times where something strange will pop up for 2 cents or even a negative price. We are not a large enough company to just "eat" those mistakes (heck even the big guys won't in all cases). We will let you know the real price before shipping. 

Preorder Products:
Some items on our site are listed as preorders. These are items that we are due to receive from the manufacturer in the near future. By placing a preorder you are agreeing with our preorder conditions listed below:

1) Please do not order other items with your preorder. If you do, we will separate the in stock items and ship them right away. There will be additional shipping charges as now there will be two shipments (regular items and preorders). 
2) Please do not order different preorder items on the same order. If you do, we will separate them and ship them as they arrive and there will be additional shipping charges.

3) Product photo is usually of a preproduction prototype. Final product may differ slightly in color and or content.
4) Product estimated ship date is from the manufacturer. Some products will miss their estimated ship date due to manufacturer delays. Monkey Depot is not responsible for product delays from the manufacturer. We ship them as soon as we get them. 

5) There will also be times where the manufacturer ships them in "waves". Preorders from Monkey Depot are shipped in the order that they were received.

Credit Cards: Your preorder will be charged when the order is placed. If you want to cancel a preorder, you will have to do so in writing and we will issue a refund. If you do not want to pay in full at time of order you can select "Pay by Mail" and we will contact you when the product arrives for payment information.

Pay by Mail: We will send you a final invoice when we have confirmation that the product is inbound to us. You will have 7 days from the date of this invoice to have your payment in to us.

Pay Pal: We will send you a final Pay Pal invoice when we have confirmation that the product is inbound to us. You will have 3 days from the date of this invoice to have your payment in to Monkey Depot.