MD Collection: DAK Motorcycle

The MD Collection: Dragon German Motorcycle by Scott Carter

The MD Collection certainly sound pretentious enough doesn't it? However, that is
not the intent. One of the few "perks" of being in this business is being able to see what
some of the world's best 1/6 customizers come up with. We have several very nice pieces
on display in the shop and my office and I decided to break out the camera and start
to document them. The MD Collection name comes from the fact that I have ZERO talent
and hope to convey the fact that these items are in fact done by others and not me or
the MD crew.

While the factory paint on the DX07 motorcycle was not bad, it falls short of a full custom
paint job. Plus, I have a soft spot for Afrika Korps and wanted it DAKed out. I knew just
the person to call: Scott Carter of Faded Armor ( Scott is a
master of the airbrush and on the side runs a paint/design service. Work like this does
not come cheap or fast, but is worth the wait and the price. As you can see from the pics,
Scott did an outstanding job replicating the wear and tear of a vehicle in the field.
Enjoy the pics!

That ain't no decal, Scott hand stenciled the distinctive Afrika Korps palm tree markings.

The DAK vehicles were oversprayed tan on the base coat of German grey. Scott does
an awesome job of replicating the wear and base coat of grey showing through.

Check out that rust on the exhaust!