DiD US Airborne Edward Stiner 80054

DiD Edward Stiner US 82nd Airborne (80054)

A subject that is always a hit with 1/6 fans: US Airborne. DiD lets loose
with another salvo of US gear on ol' Ed.

Undershirt is included as are braces for the M42 suspenders.

DiD has done something different with their heads. Edward has a more
translucent tone and differs from the painting of past sculpts. I am sure this will
garner some discussion as some will love it and some will hate it.
The 5 o'clock shadow is a mild flocking.

M3 Greasegun is plastic. Stock extends, however chamber cover does not

Great US web gear with the airborne suspender pads. Grenades are real metal.

M1C is plastic with metal stock. Action works.

Real metal mess kit and knife.

There has already been some discussion on the magazine pouch. Riggers made
all kinds of stuff for individuals. The photo below is from Geronimo!: US Airborne Uniforms
by Bill Rentz and features the magazine pouch included with this figure.

The M42 jump uniform is well done and features functional pockets.

Ooops! I did not put down the back of the collar. Color is well within the
range. See the great At the Front rant about khaki if you have any issues.

Helmet is real metal and features detailed liner. Notice the switchblade
pocket in the lapel.

M1C Carbine scabbard opened and closed.

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