DiD Michael Taylor British Airborne "Red Devils" (80052)

Gor blimey mate! Another great Commonwealth troop from DiD! It has been
some time since any maker has done a British Airborne troop. DiD delivers
with another great selection of gear.

Real metal helmet with detail liner (of course).

I am normally not a fan of cloth berets, but DiD managed to do a good
job on this one. Badge shows nice detail.

Let the materials debate begin! Both the plastic and metal have their pros/cons. For some parts,
you need plastic to capture the detail while some folks like the metal for its weight and "coolguy"
factor. The DiD Bren machine gun is mostly plastic with a metal barrel with real wood handle.

Nice crisp detail. Cocking handle folds. Magazines are metal but are NOT cast metal, but rather stamped
metal (like the real ones).

P37 pattern webbing. For some reason they included a bayonet frog, but no bayonet.

Rear shot of web gear.

E-Tool is real metal and wood.

Pistol is plastic and action opens.

Shovel is real metal and wood.

I am not an expert on Brit gear. I have only seen a handful of real 1:1
denison smocks. I will let the experts chime in on the accuracy. I am
qualified to say that the tailoring is nice and the pockets are functional.

Flap can be snapped to front for jump mode.

Battledress is made from a great wool-like material.

Also included (but not shown) is a British undershirt (string shirt).

Great DiD quality ammo boots and gaiters.

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