DiD US Army 8th Air Force William Bowman 80060

It has been a good year for aviation fans and DiD looks to finish out 2008 with another nice set.
William Bowman is a member of the mighty US Either Air Force and can be kitted up to
represent different crew members.

DiD has gained major ground on their sculpt quality. William features the same great
texturing and tones as the last couple of releases.

Boots are typical DiD great quality.

DiD provides a nice mix of insignia. As usual, you get options and left overs that can be used
for other figures. Not too many pilots sport the Combat Infantry Badge, but I am sure some
of your ground pounders can use one.

Insignia badges are real metal and have to be glued to the uniform. Break out some patience
as gluing tiny metal insignia is a delicate procedure.

Hat has the "50 missions" look.

Glasses actually fold and come with a case.

Here I attached the .45 ammo pouch to the shoulder holster. William does not have a belt
to attach it to.

Shoulder holster is nice and detailed.

Jacket is made from a vinyl material the gives a nice scale leather look. Back is a "painted"
nose art picture.

Ol William can go from his pilot look right to waist gunner.

Nice detail on the chute.

.50 cal is of course real metal and is the aircraft version. Also comes with a section
of linked .50 cal ammo.

Very nice release from DiD and captures the US aviator and gives the customizer options
and extra gear.