DiD Russian WWII Red Army "Rurik" 80062

DiD has done a couple Russians, but none were "regular" releases. The first was half of a Weekend
of Heroes exclusive and the other was a "basic" figure without gear. So, for all purposes, this is DiD's first
Russian figure to get the full DiD treatment.

Figure comes with the classic Soviet Flag to waive above the fallen German hordes.

I'm not up on my Russian medal placement, so forgive where I pinned them on this brave Soviet

I am far from a Russian medal expert, but it looks like we have a Combat Service Medal,
a Defense of Leningrad, and an Order of the Patriotic War.

RGD-33 grenades in pouch. Figure comes with two different types of metal grenades and pouches.

Entrenching tool is real metal and wood.

There are three F-1 grenades and cloth pouch.

Tokarev is metal and does not have a working slide.

Boots are the great DiD leatherlike.

PPsH is real metal and opens.

Sculpt is well done and resembles Jude Law from Enemy at the Gates. Due to the taller hair style,
the helmet and sidecap sit a bit high. They look awesome on other sculpt as shown below.

Figure includes the padded winter suit.