You can pay in full for your preorder using a credit card or PayPal. 

Flex Pay
FlexPay allows you to make your payment over a period of time, paying in 4 monthly payments. At checkout you will be required to pay your first payment, plus the shipping charge. If the product requires a non-refundable deposit, it will be included in your first payment.

Deposit (Not required for all products.)
Some items will require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your Preorder. You will be contacted when the item arrives via email. If we do not receive the payment for the balacne due within a week, your order will be cancelled. Please note that if you intend to pay with a check or money order, you will still need to pay a deposit. We will hold your Pay-By-Mail order for one week after the preorder is placed, but if we do not receive the deposit, then your order will be cancelled. 

Reserve (Not available for items that require a deposit.)
If you would like to pay for your item when it arrives, select "Reserve" and we will notify you via email when the product arrives. At that point, we will hold the item for 7 days. If we do not hear back from you with payment information at that time, your order will be cancelled.