Boxed Figure: Hot Toys Wonder Woman (902687) Rifle Set: DamToys Elite Firearms Series 2 Boxed Figure: DiD WWII German Communications 2 - Drud (80123) Boxed Figure: Hot Toys Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back - Darth Vader (903140)
Boxed Figure: DiD 3rd SS-Panzer-Division MG34 Gunner Version B - Bladric (80125) Boxed Figure: Kaustic Plastik Roman Legionary (1st Century AD) (GIKP-WH15) Boxed Figure: DamToys KSK Kommando Spezialkrafte Leader (78054) Boxed Figure: COO Models Viking Vanquisher - Berserker & War Lord & VI (CM-SE019)
Boxed Figure: Very Cool Cross Fire— Double Agent “Zero” (VC-CF04) Outfit Set: Toys City Hot Girl Gunner Set (TC-63002) Weapon: Brown Art 1/6th French Gribeauval 12-Pounder Cannon (B-A0002) Boxed Figure: DamToys Legendary Inventor Sidney Maurer Homage Artwork of Steve Jobs (DAM-DMS004)