Clothing Set: Magic Cube Women's Black Leather Jacket Set (MCF-062) Boxed Figure: Hot Toys Resident Evil 6 - Ada Wong (902749) Display Case: DiD Black Display Case (60053)
Boxed Figure: Star Ace Marilyn Monroe as "Lorelei Lee" (Gold Dress Ver) (SA0016) Rifle Set: DamToys Elite Firearms Series - SOPMOD II M4 (DAM-EF003) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story Special Duties Unit (Assault Leader) (SS-096)
Head: DS Toys Female Head with Long Curly Red Hair (DS-D005) Boxed Figure: COO Models African American 10.6" Narrow Shoulders Body (CM-B34002B) Boxed Figure: Xensation The Hunter (XE-AF16)
Boxed Figure: Black Box Blackhole H.R.G Masterpiece 1979 BXB001--B Uniform Set: ACI 1/6 Greek Hoplite 2.0 (ACI-772A) Boxed Figure: Star Ace King Leonidas - 300 (SA-0030)

Monkey Depot Shirt: Mens Grey Tanker Shirt

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Monkey Depot Shirt: Mens Grey Tanker Shirt