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Boxed Figure: ACI Toys Flamma, Gladiator of Rome (ACI-11)
ACI Toys Flamma, Gladiator of Rome (ACI-11)

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No Loose Parts From This Figure
Our Price: $139.99
Scale: 1/6
Size: 12 in tall (aprox)
Mfg. Number: ACI-11

Product Code: AI0034

All sales are final
This is an older figure so some of the material may not hold up as well as a new release
May have staining

The plastic inside is used for multiple figures so some spots may be empty

Gladiators were well-trained fighter with distinctive armor and weapons. They were mostly slaves or criminals who fought for their lives and freedom in a combat. Flamma who won over 20 times was awarded the 'rudis' to become a freeman, yet he chose to remain as a gladiator.


1. Newly developed muscular body, Andrew 1.0

Well-defined torso and limbs; Impressive muscle definition; Detail craved skin texture with prominent blood vessels and manifest pores; Strengthened joint for static stability.

2. Newly sculpted head with great detail. Every piece is professionally hand painted.

3. Authentic Myrmillo Gladiator Helmet (Material PVC)
With detail craved pattern at crest and a medallion at the front symbolizing strength and victory; Removable face guard; Feather-like decoration.

4. Foldable armor for shoulder, upper arm, and forearm. (Material: ABS)

5. Greaves: Leg armor (Material: PVC) with leather strap

6. Leather-like Torso Brace

7. Leather-like Chest Harness

8. Fabric Cushion (Battle Worn) gaiter and shoulder armor pad

9. Black Fabric Cloak

10. Fabric Gladiator Loincloth

11. Roman Shield Scutum (Material: ABS)

12. Gladiator Gladius Swords (Material: ABS)