Soldier Story 10th Special Forces Group Photo Review (SS-036)

Soldier Story 10th Special Forces Group Photo Review (SS-036)

Soldier Story continues to innovate and bring the latest and greatest modern gear to 1/6. This figure is a member of the US Army 10th Special Forces group and features ACU cut fatigues in Crye Precision Multicam. Also featured is the Modular Supplemental Armor Protection (MSAP) kit which is a series of panels to provide additional protection.

We are a bit swamped here at MD, so there is not enough time to write a bunch of witty (but imformative) things for this review. The pictures should more than do the talking. Also, this is a production sample and a few bits and pieces might not be shown (groin protector) or may change before final production.

One thing that does have to be mentioned, is that Soldier Story is upping their headsculpt game. The paint and subtle texture on the sculpt is quite an improvement.

Arc'Teryx Knee caps and Danner desert boots.

Emergency rappel kit with snap shackle. These are often used to attach guys to helicopters.

The 40mm grenades are metal and plastic.

New mold Gerber knife and Mechanix camo gloves.

You can never get enough of Soldier Story's awesome 1911. This one comes in a SERPA vest mount holster. Also note the Surefire helmet light on the MOLLE adapter.

14.5" M4 Carbine with PEQ, and M203 grenade launcher. The M203 has metal parts.Also note the Magpul P Mags.