Shipping Saver

SHIPPING SAVER items are removed from manufacture's packaging before being shipped. The price for the figure remains the same, but shipping is calculated at a much lower rate due to the shipping weight being decreased. Depending on where you live, you can save a fortune on shipping costs!

To choose SHIPPING SAVER, select it from "Select Box Options" dropbox in the options section. This is located abouve the "Add to Cart" Button.

Please note the following conditions foe SHIPPING SAVER:

- Only figures that we normally part out are available for SHIPPING SAVER at checkout.

- Selecting SHIPPING SAVER may delay the shipping of your order by a day or two.

- We will pack your order as best we can, but the manufacturers use all of that heavy plastic and cardboard for a reason. If you select SHIPPING SAVER, the odds of damaging your items may go up, and you might need to put your customization skills to work. In other words, buy some glue, just in case!