DiD WWII German Africa Corps WH MG34 Gunner - Bialas (D80158) Brown Art Subaltern of The French Imperial Guard (BA-0007) Mezco Batman (1966) 5 Points Deluxe Boxed Set (MZ17050) Delta Force 1st SFOD-D Operation Enduring Freedom (DAM-78091)
Toys Era Sky Scavenger Air Treasure Hunter (TE-PE011) ES 75th Ranger Regiment 2nd Ranger Battalion (ES-26046S) JackalX Tech Specialist Trevor Knight + Ally Collectible Set Head: FacePool Black Male Head Sculpt w/Expression
EXO-6 Star Trek Mirror Universe Sulu (911098) Hot Toys Multiverse of Madness - Doctor Strange (911099) Archer The Battle of Kamdesh Afghanistan (AR-MUS-001) FacePool US 2nd Armored Division - Staff Sergeant Sherman Tank Commander (FP-009A)