FacePoolFigure Surprised or Angry Head Sculpt Funko Advent Calendar: 2019 Marvel (42752) Boxed Figure: DiD 3R WWII Operation Anthropoid - Reinhard Heydrich (GM634) Furniture: Feel Wo Toys Metal Bed w/Mattress (FW-011)
Display: Funko Advent Calendar: 2019 Marvel (42752)
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Boxed Figure: Hot Toys Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Quarter Scale Series - Darth Vader (902506) E&S British Specialist Firearms Command SCO19 2019 Version (ES-26035R) Costume: Cuke Toys Cute Cute Style Suits (CK-MA006) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story Kommando Spezialkrafte Marine VBSS (SS-104)
POP Toys Macbeth w/Two Heads (POP-EX028) Sideshow Wonder Woman (100189) DamToys DEA SRT (Special Response Team) Agent El Paso (DAM-78063) Black Box Agent James (A - Blue or B - Gray) (BB-9002)