3R II Duce of PNF — Benito Mussolini (GM653) DiD 1/6th WWII Bf109 Cockpit (Grey Blue or Sand) (E60065) Ujindou U.S. Army Delta Force 1980 Operation Eagle Claw (UD-9026) Book: DiD 20th Anniversary Full Catalog
Ujindou WWII U.S. Armored Inf Normandy 1944 (UD-9035) DiD 1/12 German 12th Panzer Div. Inf Lieutenant - Rainer (XD80024) CrazyFigure 1/12th SEAL Special Assault Team-Captain (CF-LW019) QO Toys Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard 1812 (QOM-1031)
Easy Simple 10th Special Forces Group (ES-26063) Boxed Horse: DiD Civil War Brown War Horse (E60076) Hot Toys Darth Revan (913303) Weapon Set: Easy Simple Chris Kyle Weapon Set Exclusive (ES-CK002EX)