DamToys Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group Sniper (DAM-78100) DiD WWII German 12th SS Panzer Division MG42 Gunner - Otto (D80169) DiD WWII German 12cm Granatwerfer 42 mortar (E60074) Easy Simple SMU Tier1 Operator Part XVI Delta Force Chronology Version 2006 (ES-26057)
Weapon Set: Easy Simple Doom's Day Kit Weapon Set VI (ES-06037) DiD 1/12th Emperor of the French Napoleon Bonaparte (XN80020) Boxed Figure: CooModels Archbishop of Empire (CM-NS017) Nounkey Studio Miss Wife (Deluxe Edition) (NK-002)
Nounkey Studio Miss Wife (NK-001) Ujindou TsSN FSB at Beslan School Siege 2004 (UD-9025) DiD WWII United States Army Air Forces Pilot - Captain Rafe (A80167) QO Toys Vietnam War 101st Airborne Division in Hamburger Hill 1969 (QOM-1035)