ES Task Force 58 CPO Erica Storm (ES-27004) ES Special Mission Unit Tier1 Operator Part XIII The Recce Element (ES-26045S) DiD WWII US 101st Airborne Division Ryan 2.0 (A80161S) TBLeague Mohegan Huntress Attire White (PL2022-196A)
Head: Super Duck Elf Female Head Sculpture (SUD-SDH038) Weapon Set: ES PMC Weapon Set C SA 58 7.62 Assault Rifle (ES-06034) Accessory Set: DiD 1/6 WWII MG34 Accessory Kit (E60066) Alert Line WWII German Cavalry Officer (AL-100039)
Very Cool The Goddess of Wildness VCF-2061) DiD 1/12th WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 4 - Private Reiben (XA80012) Boxed Horse: Alert Line WWII German Battle Steed Black or Brown (AL-100038) DamToys Russian SVR Zaslon In Damascus Classic Version (DAM-78093)