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Boxed Figure: Kaustic Plastik The Gladiator School of Pompeii (KP0004) (READ NOTES)
Boxed Figure: Kaustic Plastik The Gladiator School of Pompeii - Anniversary Edition (KP0004)

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Our Price: $149.99
Scale: 1/6
Size: 12 in tall (aprox)
Mfg. Number: KP0004

Product Code: KP0010

This is an older figure so some of the material may not hold up as well as a new release
May have staining
All sales are final

The foam inside is used for multiple figures so some spots may be empty


- 400 Pieces Limited Edition

- Helms & Accessories made of Real Metal

- Metal Components produced in Italy by master artisan jeweler

- Details made in Photo-Incison Brass

Set Includes:

- Athletik Muscle Body with Head Sculpt

- Secutor Helmet

- "Chain Mail"* Arm Manica with Padding (right arm)

- Leather Balteus/Belt

- Leather Balteus/Belt with Dagger Sheath

- Scutum/Shield

- Leg Greaves/Armor x2

- Leg/Shin Padding

- Subligaculum/Loincloth

- Gladius/Sword

- Scissor Arm Blade Weapon

- "Chain Mail"* Shirt

- Padded Arm Manica x2

- Leather Arm Manica (left arm)

- Galerus/Shoulder Guard

- Trident

- Rete/Net

- Quadrens/Four Point Dagger

- Pugio/Single Blade Dagger

NOTE: Chain Mail is not metal, but a fabric that simulates chain mail.