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PREORDER Boxed Figure: TBLeague 1/12th Skarah, The Valkyrie (PL2019-155)
TBLeague 1/12th Skarah, The Valkyrie (PL2019-155)

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Our Price: $76.99
Scale: 1/12
Mfg. Number: PL2019-155
Expected To Ship 3rd Qtr 2020

Availability: Pre-Order
Product Code: PC0184

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Valkyries are the Norse Goddesses who choose those who died with valor in battlefield to bring them to the afterlife hall of the slain in Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin.Skarah, the most powerful Valkyrie in Valhalla is Odinís favorite, adored as a Goddess of War on earth by the mightiest warriors and envied by her sisters, her powers are second only to Odin himself!
1) 1 ◊ TBLeague 1/12 female seamless body with metal skeleton
2) 1 ◊ head sculpt
3) 3 pairs ◊ interchangeable hands
4) 1 ◊ chest guard
5) 1 ◊ battle style skirt
6) 1 ◊ fur panites
7) 1 pair ◊ shoes
8) 1 pair ◊ forearm armors with fur decoration
9) 1 pair ◊ leg armors with fur decoration
10) 1 ◊ necklace
11) 1 ◊ feathered style helmet
12) 1 ◊ shoulder strap
13) 1 ◊ right shoulder armor with fur decoration
14) 1 pair ◊ knee armors
15) 1 ◊ armlet for left arm
16) 1 ◊ spear
17) 1 ◊ sword
18) 1 ◊ shield
19) 1 ◊ base