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Wings: Jiaou White Wings of Tianji Wang Hexi (READ NOTES)
Wings: Jiaou White Wings of Tianji Wang Hexi

Our Price: $39.99
Scale: 1/6

Product Code: JBL0008

*Jiaou has changed the color for the wings. The set you will receive are completely white and will NOT include the colored feathers near the body that is pictured
This will only include the Wings. All accessories, displays, figure and other items are not included

Wings are SUPER fragile and are made with a wire and paperlike material. There were no instructions included on which direction to unfold the wings but you obviously need to be careful on which way to bend them.
Some feathers may fall off or be bent
Some feathers may be discolored or dirty
Just like with any kind of wire, if it is bent or folded too much it will snap.
We will not accept returns, exchanges or refunds on this item so if you are not comfortable with the risks please do not purchase this item. These are meant to be used with the Tianji Wang Hexi Breast Armor (which is not included). The plastic piece in the middle of the wings slides into the back of the Breast Armor.