Soldier Story US WWII 2nd Ranger D-Day SS-029

Soldier Story US WWII 2nd Ranger D-Day (SS-029)

It is a great time to be in the 1/6th hobby. The 'boom' is over, but the quality of gear that is being put out is
better than any other time in the history of the hobby. Soldier Story is still pretty new to WWII, but their past
two releases (Russian Infantry and US Airborne Medic) were well received by hobbyists and sold out quickly.

Soldier Story continues their move into the WWII market with an always popular subject: US Ranger as
geared for landing on D-Day. Rangers have been popular since the Saving Private Ryan put them on the
forefront of collectors minds. This release does not disappoint and there is plenty of gear here even
for the more advanced hobbyist. Let's take a look.........

Underneath all that gear, he is sporting a pair of HBT trousers and a wool service shirt. The HBT's are made
from a great scale and color HBT material.

Close up of headsculpt. Might look somewhat familiar to some folks.

The M1941 Parsons jacket is well tailored and has great color. It is lined with a scale wool material.

Insignia is of the woven type and is stick on.

Rear of helmet. Helmet is of course real metal. Let's talk a minute about the helmet. There has been
talk on some message boards about the size of Soldier Story's US M1. Lets break out the ol calipers

and see what is what shall we?

I took one of my real WWII M1 helmets down from the shelf and grabbed some measurements and then
my calipers and measured the SS helmet. Here are the results:

Real Helmet
Should be 1/6
SS Helmet Measures
Actual Difference
Scale Difference
L: 11 in
1.833 in
0.067 in
0.400 in
W: 9.125 in
1.521 in
1.5500.029 in
0.175 in

What does all this mean? It means that the Soldier Story helmet is LESS than half a scale
inch too big when compared to a real 1:1 helmet. So yes, if the SS helmet was only .067 in
shorter it would be perfect. I can guarantee you that 90% of the gear in your collection is not as in scale
as the SS helmet that has been accused of being "too small" (when actually it is the smallest fraction too

Check out those tiny buttons on the waist tabs!

The leggings are super well done and fit nice and tight.

Gas detection brassard and you can also see the detail on the M1907 sling on the Garand.

Mess kit is real metal.

The assault vest is a work of 1/6 art. SS nailed this one!

Wire cutters are plastic and not functional.

The folding M1943 entrenching tool is made from real metal and wood and the screw keeper is functional
just like the real deal.

Figure includes one real metal M1 Garand clip with removable bullets. Other clips are the plastic solid

One of the best renditions of the M1 ammunition bag (general purpose bag).

This M1 Garand is FREAKING AWESOME! Real metal and wood.

See how the hammer is cocked in the picture? Look at the next picture.

See how the hammer is sprung? That's right, even the trigger group "works" as does the op rod. This
thing is like a real Garand shrunk down.

Detail of buttplate.

Time for some posing shots. Here our trooper has scrapped his heavy invasion vest and is on patrol.

Set includes two rocket grenades and the firing attachment for the Garand.

All kitted up and ready to hit the beach. Note the airborne first aid pouch tied to the vest and the life belt.

Figure comes with both a M1942 16 inch bayonet and the M3 fighting knife.

Note the gloves placed on the bendy hands. I forgot to get a better picture of these.This is an incredible
release and is loaded with gear for you US fans. All Soldier Story figures tend to sell out quick, so don't
wait around too long on this guy. There are tons of little details on this guy and when folks get him in hand
I think they will truly be impressed.