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Belt: Subway Black Cloth Belt Boots: Subway Black Scuffed Boots Boxed Figure: Medicom Indiana Jones- Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 4394
Boxed Figure: Play Toy Female Nude (S-001) Boxed Figure: Play Toy Female Nude (S-002) Boxed Figure: TTL Toys Man In Suit (Long, Light Grey) (TTL-68030)
ZC Exclusive Manchester United - Wayne Rooney Figure: Subway Betrayer Figure: Subway Will Smith
Figure: Subway Betrayer
Our Price: $32.99
Figure: Subway Will Smith
Our Price: $37.99
Glasses: Subway Black Sunglasses Glasses: Subway Silver Rim Sunglasses Jacket: Subway Black Leatherlike Coat
Pistol: Subway M9 Pistol w/Extra Clip Pistol: Subway Pistol w/Holster Boxed Figure: Ace Toyz The CEO (AT-001)
DAM The Gang's Kingdom - Spade 4 (DAM-GK004) Boxed Figure: DiD Martin Luther King Jr (80099) Boxed Figure: Enterbay Michael Jordan - Home Jersey Edition (RM-1052)
Boxed Figure: Phicen Super-Flexible Steel Skeleton Pale/Mid Bust (PLMB2014-S01) Boxed Figure: Phicen Super-Flexible Seamless Tan/mid Bust Size (PL-MB2014-S02) Boxed Figure: Play Toy The Terrorist
ZC Exclusive Manchester United - David De Gea ZC Exclusive Manchester United - Rio Ferdinand Boxed Figure: Play Toy Female Asian Nude (PT-HB001)
Rifle: Subway M4 Carbine w/ACOG, Sling & Tactical Light Shirt: Subway Grey Long Sleeve Shoes: Subway Grey Canvas Boots
Shorts: Subway Padded Gray Underwear