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Belt: Subway Black Cloth Belt Boots: Subway Black Scuffed Boots Boxed Figure: CraftOne Fighter (CT-002B)
Boxed Figure: CraftOne Fighter Premium Version (CT-002A) Boxed Figure: Phicen Super-Flexible Steel Skeleton Pale/Mid Bust (PLMB2014-S01) Boxed Figure: Phicen Super-Flexible Steel Skeleton Tan/Big Bust (PLLB2014-S05)
Boxed Figure: Subway 24 Hours Hero SUB-HERO Boxed Figure: Subway The Survivor Boxed Figure: VTS Weapon Advisor (VM010)
ZC Exclusive Manchester United - Wayne Rooney Dog: Subway German Sheppard Glasses: Subway Silver Rim Sunglasses
Grenade: Subway M67 Frag Grenade Boxed Figure: CraftOne Shocking (CT-003) Boxed Figure: Phicen Seka® The Platinum Princess (PL-SEK001)
Boxed Figure: Storm Collectibles Mike Tyson (SM-1501) Boxed Figure: Very Cool Medicated Psychopath "James" (VCM-3008) Boxed Figure: Very Cool Mercenary “Adam” (VCM-3007)
Uniform Set: Very Hot Bank Robber Accessory (VH-1044) Rifle: Subway M4 Carbine w/ACOG, Sling & Tactical Light Shirt: Subway Grey Long Sleeve
Shorts: Subway Padded White Underwear Tool: Subway Rail Panals