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Ammo: DiD 1/12 M1928A1 Thompson Clip Ammo: DiD 1/12th US 60mm Rocket Case: DiD 1/12th WWII Scope Container (Metal)
Case: POP Toys 1/12th WWII Scope Container Holster: DiD 1/12 M1911 Pistol Holster Knife: Soldier Story 1/12th US Bayonet w/Scabbard (READ NOTES))
Pistol: DiD 1/12 M1911 Pistol Rifle: DiD 1/12th M1928A1 Thompson with Drum Magazine Rifle: POP Toys 1/12th Mosin-Nagant w/Bayonet
Rifle: Soldier Story 1/12th M1 Garand w/ Sling Sight: DiD 1/12th 8x Unertl Scope Target: POP Toys 1/12 Stand w/Target
Weapon: POP Toys 1/12th Hammer (Metal) Weapon: POP Toys 1/12th Sickle (Metal)