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Ammo: DiD 1/12 Mag Coupler w/Ammo Mag Belt: DamToys 1/12th Mens M1956 w/Harness, Pouches + Grenades Boots: CrazyFigure 1/12th Mens Black Molded X-Boots
Boots: DamToys 1/12th Mens Molded Jungle Boots Boots: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Molded/Rubber Tactical Boots Boots: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Tactical Black Boots (Rubber)
Hat: DamToys 1/12th Mens Tropical Combat Beret Hat: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Molded Black Beret Helmet: CrazyFigure 1/12th Mens Arkin w/Bulletproof Glass Mask
Helmet: DamToys 1/12th Mens M1 Helmet Holster: PC Toys 1/12th Molded Black 1911 Holster (Left Handed) Holster: PC Toys 1/12th Molded Black Revolver Belt Holster
Holster: Very Cool 1:12 Black Drop Leg Pistol Holster: Very Cool 1:12 Black Pistol Holster Insignia: CrazyFigure 1/12th Gray Fluorescent ID Arm Sleeve Band
Knife: DamToys 1/12th Ka-Bar w/Sheath (Not removable) Knife: DamToys 1/12th M7 Bayonet w/Scabbard (Knife can not be removed) Pistol: DamToys 1/12th M1911 (Slide Lock)
Pouch: CrazyFigure 1/12th Molded First Aid Pouch Rifle: CrazyFigure 1/12th PKP Pecheneg Machine Gun Rifle: CrazyFigure 1/12th VSS Sniper Rifle w/PSO-1 Sniper Scope + Sling
Rifle: DiD 1/12 ARX-160 A1 Grenade Launcher Rifle: PC Toys 1/12th MGL Rifle Rifle: Very Cool 1:12 SIG MPX-K Sub-Machine Gun
Shovel: DamToys 1/12th Molded M1956 Entrenching Tool w/Cover Sight: PC Toys 1/12th EOTECH Halo Sight Sight: Very Cool 1:12 EOTech Sight
Silencer: DiD 1/12 PPK Pistol Suppressor Silencer: DiD 1/12 Tactical Suppressor Tool: CrazyFigure 1/12th ROP Flares
Tool: DamToys 1/12th 100mph Red Tape Vest: CrazyFigure 1/12th M23 Assault Rig w/Holster, Knife + Pack