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Armband: Soldier Story 1/12 Mens Armband Bag: Soldier Story 1/12 Green Rucksack Belt: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Black Belt w/Pouch
Blade: Bro Toys 1/12 Scimitar Blade: TW Toys 1/12th Knife w/ Sheath Blade: TW Toys 1/12th Three Prong Dagger
Blade: TW Toys 1/12th Throwing Star Boots: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Molded/Rubber Tactical Boots Boots: Soldier Story 1/12 Mens Brown Tactical Boots
Grenade: CrazyFigure 1/12th Bazooka Rocket Hat: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Black Beanie Helmet: CrazyFigure 1/12th Mens Arkin w/Bulletproof Glass Mask
Helmet: Soldier Story 1/12 Mens Mask Helmet Holster: PC Toys 1/12th M9 Pistol Holster w/Leg Strap Holster: PC Toys 1/12th Molded Black Revolver Belt Holster
Holster: Very Cool 1:12 Black Pistol Holster Insignia: CrazyFigure 1/12th Gray Fluorescent ID Arm Sleeve Band Insignia: CrazyFigure 1/12th Medic Arm Band
Pack: CrazyFigure 1/12th WWII M1928 Backpack Pants: Soldier Story 1/12 Mens Blue Pants Weapon: Ekuaz Toys 1/12th Pistol
Weapon: Ekuaz Toys 1/12th Pistol Pistol: Very Cool 1:12 M1911 Pistol Pouch: Ekuaz Toys 1/12th Molded Holster
Pouch: Soldier Story 1/12 Drop Leg Pouch and Belt Rifle: Bro Toys 1/12 MP5 Rifle: Mezco 1/12th Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun
Rifle: PC Toys 1/12th MGL Rifle Rifle: PC Toys 1/12th Pump Action Shotgun Rifle: Soldier Story 1/12 M870 Tactical Shotgun w/Breaching Muzzle + Sling
Rifle: Very Cool 1/12 M4 w/ACOG + Silencer Rifle: Very Cool 1:12 SIG MPX-K Sub-Machine Gun Shirt: Soldier Story 1/12 Mens Weathered White Long Sleeve Shirt
Sight: Soldier Story 1/12 Sight Sling: Bro Toys 1/12 Shotgun Sleeve Sling w/ Ammo Stick: Bro Toys 1/12 Baton
Suit: POP Toys 1/12 Mens Black Bulking Suit Suit: POP Toys 1/12 Mens Bulking Suit Tool: CrazyFigure 1/12th Pliers and Plier Bag
Tool: Soldier Story 1/12 P92 Pistol Tool: Soldier Story 1/12 Red ID Tape Strip Tool: TW Toys 1/12th Tool
Shirt: Soldier Story 1/12 Mens Gray Shirt Vest: PC Toys 1/12th Mens Black Tactical Vest w/Shotgun Shells Weapon: Bro Toys 1/12 Franchi LF-57