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CooModels 1/12 Bodyguard Knight Double Figure Set (CM-PE012) DamToys 1/12th Obsidianman (DAM-DPS06) DamToys 1/12th Old Bone (PES021)
JxK Studio 1/12th Horse (JXK-013) Soap Studio 1/12th The Joker (Bank Robber Version) (904866) TBLeague 1/12th Anubis Guardian of The Underworld (PL2020-168)
TBLeague 1/12th Super Flexible Male Seamless Body Chair: VS Toys 1/12th Designer Chair (VST-19XG45) Bullet Head 1/12th Legendary Assassin (BH-010)
DamToys 1/12th Fun Man (DAM-DPS03, DPS04, DPS05) DamToys 1/12th Jadeite Man (DAM-DPS07) DamToys 1/12th Red Yashaman (DAM-DPS08)
DiD 1/12th MI6 Agent Jack (XM80003) LIM Toys 1/12th R.P.D. Officer S Version (LIM-RPD01S) Boxed Figure: PC Toys 1/12th Soldiers Of Fortune 1 (PC-020)
Boxed Figure: PC Toys 1/12th Soldiers Of Fortune 2 (PC-021) Pocket World 1/12th Leon (PW-2013) TBLeague 1/12th Death Dealer (PL2020-132)
ThreeZero 1/12th Avengers: Infinity Saga DLX Iron Man Mark 43 (3Z0247) ThreeZero 1/12th DLX Iron Man Mark XLIV Hulkbuster (908582) ThreeZero 1/12th Terminator Dark Fate T-800 (905703)
TW Toys 1/12th Black Warrior (TW-2140) TW Toys 1/12th White Warrior (TW-2141) VToys 1/12th Cyberpunk Robin Deluxe Version (VSD-002)
VToys 1/12th Death Knight (VSD-004) Diorama: Five Toys The Wine Cellar w/Drums (FIT-2012) Mezco 1/12 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): Leatherface (MZ77525)
Uniform Set: Mr. Toys 1/12th Barbarian (MT-2020-04) Tool: Chingadera Ind. Single 1/12th Concrete Cinder Block