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Bullet Head 1/12th V Mask (BHD-004) CooModels 1/12 Gothic Armored Knight (CM-PE011) Boxed Figure: CooModels 1/12 Hospitaller Knight (CM-PE003)
Boxed Figure: CooModels 1/12 Red Armor Ashigaru (CM-PE008) Boxed Figure: CooModels 1/12 Teutonic Knight (CM-PE001) DamToys 1/12th Damtoys x Kow Yokoyama GansBoy-U2 (DAM-CS018)
Soap Studio 1/12th The Joker (Bank Robber Version) (904866) TBLeague 1/12th Super Flexible Male Seamless Body Chair: VS Toys 1/12th Designer Chair (VST-19XG45)
Bullet Head 1/12th Legendary Assassin (BH-010) By Art 1/12th King of Sparta (BY-S01) DamToys 1/12th Fun Man (DAM-DPS03, DPS04, DPS05)
DamToys 1/12th Jadeite Man (DAM-DPS07) DamToys 1/12th Obsidianman (DAM-DPS06) DamToys 1/12th Solomon In Plan (DAM-SIP001)
NoirToys 1/12 Hero Series 19th Century Dark Knight (Deluxe) (NTZ-3901DX) Pocket World 1/12th Leon (PW-2013) TBLeague 1/12th Death Dealer (PL2020-132)
ThreeZero 1/12th Terminator Dark Fate T-800 (905703) Tool: Chingadera Ind. Single 1/12th Concrete Cinder Block