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Armor: NoirToys 1/12 Forearm Gauntlets Armor: TBLeague 1/12th Mens Forearm Guards Armor: TBLeague 1/12th Mens Neck Collar
Belt: Coo Models 1/12th Black & Gold Seno Belt: Coo Models 1/12th White Seno Belt: NoirToys 1/12 Mens Molded Yellow Utility Belt
Cape: NoirToys 1/12 Mens Black Pose-able Long Black Cape Cape: NoirToys 1/12 Mens Black Short Black Cape Suit: Mezco 1/12th Mens Cotton One Piece Suit
Feet: TBLeague 1/12th Anubis Feet w/Sandals Figure: TBLeague 1/12th Anubis Muscle Body Goggles: NoirToys 1/12 Molded Goggles
Hands: TBLeague 1/12th Anubis Action Pose Hands: TBLeague 1/12th Anubis Fist Hands: TBLeague 1/12th Anubis Holding Grip
Hat: DiD 1/12th Mens Molded Black Hat Hat: DiD 1/12th Mens Molded Black Top Hat Head: By Art 1/12th King of Sparta
Head: By Art 1/12th King of Sparta (Screaming) Head: TBLeague 1/12th Anubis w/Snarl + Head Piece Jacket: DiD 1/12th Mens Black Greatcoat
Knife: NoirToys 1/12 Dagger Mask: Mezco 1/12th Bloody Jason Mask Mask: Mezco 1/12th Jason Mask
Rifle: Mezco 1/12th Speargun Shirt: Mezco 1/12th Mens Green Long Sleeve Dirty Shirt Shoes: DiD 1/12th Mens Molded Black Dress Shoes
Tie: DiD 1/12th Polka Dot Bow Tie Tool: Coo Models 1/12th Blue Flag w/Bamboo Bird Heraldry Tool: DiD 1/12th BBC Microphone w/Stand (Metal)
Tool: DiD 1/12th Brown Walking Cane Tool: DiD 1/12th Molded Brown Double Cigar Holder Tool: TBLeague 1/12th Mens Leg Bands w/Cloth
Top: POP Toys 1/12 Mens Bulking Shirt Watch: DiD 1/12th Omega Pocket Watch Weapon: Mezco 1/12th Bloody Pitchfork
Weapon: NoirToys 1/12 Grapple Gun w/Removable Hook