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Boxed Figure: DiD US 2nd Armored Division MP Bryan DiD WWII British 1st Airborne Division (Red Devils) Sergeant Charlie (80136) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story US Army 28th Infantry Division Machine Gunner Arden 1944 (SS-111)
Alert Line WWII Soviet Red Army Combat Engineer (AL-100029) CYYToys Chinese Expeditionary Force My Commander (DYH-004) DiD WWII Russian Sniper-Vasily Zaitsev (80139)
DiD WWII Russian Sniper-Vasily Zaitsev - Clean Version (80139B) FacePoolFigure WWII US Ranger (FP-001) JXToys US Army Air Force Female Officer Peggy (JXT-032)
Redman Fury Tank Division (RMT-037) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story WWII 101ST Airborne Division "Guy Whidden, II" (SS-110) Ujindou WWII British SAS Founder David Stirling 1942 (UD-90001)
Yuegutang Half Warzone - The Young Commander