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Alert Line WWII Soviet Red Army Combat Engineer (AL-100029) DiD WWII British 1st Airborne Division (Red Devils) Sergeant Charlie Version B (80136B) Boxed Figure: DiD WWII US Army 77th Infantry Division Captain Sam (80129)
Redman Fury Tank Division (RMT-037) Alert Line NKVD - People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs (AL-100031) Alert Line WWII Soviet Medical Soldier (AL-100032)
Alert Line WWII U.S.NAVY Destroyer Commander (AL-100033) DiD WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 4 - Private Jackson (80144) FacePool WWII US Ranger Private Sniper w/Bell Tower (FP-003B)
FacePoolFigure US Paratrooper Platoon Leader Easy Company Special Edition (FP-002SE) Flagset Red Alert - Soviet Tank Lieutenant Galina (F73036) Moe Toys Soviet Union Female Sniper (MOE-P008)
Ujindou British Army Dispatch Riders (UD-9005) Ujindou WWII British SAS Lieutenant Colonel Blair Mayne (UD-90003)