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Boxed Figure: 3R HG 2nd Edition (GM617) Boxed Figure: 3R Josef Sepp Dietrich (GM632) Boxed Figure: DiD 1889 - 1945 Leader (HL601)
Boxed Figure: DiD 3R Erwin Rommel Atlantic Wall 1944 (GM636) Boxed Figure: DiD 3R WWII Reinhard Heydrich (GM634) Boxed Figure: DiD KD German Admiral (GM607)
Boxed Figure: DiD Leader (GM609) Boxed Figure: DiD MG42 Gunner B Egon (80131) Boxed Figure: DiD RH (GM605)
Boxed Figure: DiD WK (GM624) DiD WWII 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian) Radio Operator Dennis or Matthias DiD WWII German Communication 3 WH Radio Operator - Gerd (80133)
Boxed Figure: DiD WWII German Communications 2 - Drud (80123) DiD WWII German Fallschirmjager Schmeling (80146) DiD WWII German U-Boat Commander - Lehmann (80148)
DiD WWII SD T. Becker (80064) IQO Model 1945 Battle of Okinawa (IQO-91004) IQO Model WWII 1938 Battle of Hailar Patrol w/Dog DE (IQO-91002B)
Boxed Figure: Toys Power Former Japanese Army Sergeant Of Spy Organization (CT-010A) Alert Line WWII Luftwaffe Fighter Ace (AL-100030) DiD WWIl German Luftwaffe Captain - Willi  (80147)
Boxed Figure: DiD WWII German U-Boat Johann (80149) IQO Model WWII 1941 Battle of Philippines (IQO-91003) IQO Model WWII 1944 Ronan-do (IQO-91007)