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Boxed Figure: DiD 1/12th Chicago Gangster John (XT80008)
DiD 1/12th Chicago Gangster John (XT80008)

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Our Price: $72.99
Scale: 1/12
Size: 6 in tall (approx)
Mfg. Number: XT80008
ETA 2nd Qtr 2023

Product Code: DI0338

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We proudly presents you the 1/12 Palm Hero Series Chicago Gangster John, who comes with a super realistic headsculpt with a wicked smile, a vivid portrait of a gangster who is both good and evil.

John is dressed in full black striped outfit (the most detailed in 1/12 scale), including a double breasted suit, a vest and pants. With black overcoat, black bowler hat, burgundy tie and striking black and white shoes on as well, he is both understated and overtly fashionable, and just brings you back to 1930s. Sometimes, he also wears a masked scarf to keep himself mysterious.

The Thompson submachine gun was famous during WWII. Known as “Chicago Typewriter”, it made typewriter-like sound when shooting. And its M1928A1 version was developed in 1930. The M1911 was a semi-automatic pistol developed by in the US in the early 20th century. Its lethality, durability and easy maintenance continued to influence the development of subsequent pistols. John carries a M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun (with a drum magazine and a clip) and two M1911 pistols. The pistols are installed in a double shoulder holster made of genuine leather. The three guns make John have exceptional fighting power.

What’s more, John comes with a beautiful golden pocket watch, sunglasses, two cigarettes. And four bundles banknote and a money bag are specially for him. All the accessories are beautifully detailed.

If you like the 1/6 Chicago Gangster John we made ten years ago, don’t miss the 1/12 of him in equally fine details!
1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Palms x 4 pairs
4 Black bowler hat
5 White shirt
6 Black striped vest
7 Striped double breasted suit
8 Black overcoat
9 Black striped pants
10 Tie
11 Black belt
12 Masked scarf
13 Shoes
14 Banknote X 4 bundles
15 Money Bag
16 Sunglasses
17 Cigarettes X 2
18 Golden Pocket Watch
19 1911 Pistol X 2 with double shoulder holster X 1 (Genuine leather)
20 M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun with drum magazine x 1 + clip X 1
Ages 15 & Up
Subject to change without notice