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Boxed Figure: E&S PMC The Escort (ES-26034OC)
E&S PMC The Escort (ES-26034OC)

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Our Price: $154.99
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: ES-26034OC

Product Code: ES0145

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BOXED FIGURE (Original Packaging)
SHIPPING SAVER (Removed From Box)

Easy & Simple
Seals on package have been cut
Real like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body
Breton Stripe Telnyashka
Anorak No. 8 - Pullover jacket
PRO Stricker HT Combat Pants
Inner Duty Belt
M92 AK SBR Chest Rig
QR Mag Holder/Belt Adaptor
Softshell Pistol Mag Pouch
Custom AK74 7.54x39 Assault Rifle
AK to M4 Folding Stock Adaptor
CTR Stock with Cheekpad
Enhanced Rail System
MOE-K2 AK Grip
DBAL-2 Laser Indicator
M3 Tactical Light
Dual Remote
Gunfight Foregrip
AK74 7.54x39 Mags
AK74 7.54x39 Pmags
Mag Coupler
G-34 Pistol
Pistol Magazine
XST RTI Holster
Holster Belt Adaptor
Exfil Carbon Helmet
War Bungees
Mountain Light Boots
M-Pact Gloves
Sports Camera
Sports Camera Chest Mount
SI Icon 2.0 Backpack
6S Headset
TETRA terminal SRH3900 Radio
Tactical Throat Mic
Tactical Tomahawk with Sheath
Kizlyar Knife
M-84 Stun Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Russian Grenades
G Watch
640 Strobe