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PREORDER Boxed Figure: Green Wolf Gear GALAC-TAC Urban Raider (GWG-008)
Green Wolf Gear GALAC-TAC Urban Raider (GWG-008)

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Our Price: $194.99
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: GWG-008
Expected To Ship 1st Qtr 2019

Product Code: GWB0006

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Non Refundable Deposit is due with in 48 hours of placing the order
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Body x 1
Headsculpt x 1
Patagonia Combat Jacket x 1
T-Shirt x 1
Patagonia Combat Pants x 1
Ops Core Fast Helmet x 1
Galac-Tac MK 1 Helmet parts x 1
Wilcox L4 G32 & Mounting Bracket x 1
AN/PVS-31 NVG x 1
AN/PVS-31 Remote Battery x 1
V-LITE Helmet Cut x 2
PRC-152 with GPS x 1
RAC-1 Headset x 1
SFOD Antenna x 1
RAC Dual Com U94 x 1
Galac-Tac Half Chest Armour x 1
Galac-Tac Armor Shoulder Guards x 2
Galac-Tac Groin Plate x 1
Galac-Tac Armoured Gauntlets x 2
Condor Sentry Plate Carrier x 1
Ballistic Groin Protector x 1
Scorpion Stack Belt x 1
G-CODE Scorpion Softshell 5.56mm x 3
G-CODE Scorpion Softshell .45 ACP x 2
RADAR 1957 Holster x 1
40mm Grenade Bandolier x 1
MOLLE Bladder Carrier x 1
Tactical Tailor PRC-152 Pouch x 1
Medium Utility Pouch x 1
M1911 XSE x 1
.45 ACP Mags x 2
H&K 416 14.5in Barrel x 1
M320 Grenade Launcher x 1
LLM-001 x 1
DR Spectre x4 Scope x 1
40mm Grenades x 8
Magpul P-Mag x 4
Lowa Z-6S Boots (Leather) x 1 Pair
Elastic Tactical Sling x 1
Outdoor Research Overlord Gloves x 1 Pair
Inner Duty Belt x 1
Berserker Tomahawk x 1
L132A1 Smoke Grenade x 1