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Ammo: Alert Line MP40 Ammo Pouch w/Ammo Ammo: DamToys German MP28 Magazine Ammo Dragon German WWII K98 clip
Ammo Dragon German WWII K98 clip Rifle: Soldier Story German MP40 (Metal w/Metal mags and rounds) Armband: DiD WWII German Army Female Signals Cuff Title NH Des Heers
Bayonet: Dragon German WWII w/painted grips Grenade: Dragon German WWII 1926 w/String Fuse Grenade: KadHobby WWII Japanese Type 97 Hand Grenade
Holster: Alert Line PPK Holster w/Ammo Holster: DiD German WWII Walther PPK Holster (Pistol Not Included) Knife: DiD German Bayonet w/Sheath
Pistol: Alert Line PPK Pistol: DiD P38 Pistol w/Leatherlike Holster Pistol Dragon German WWII P38 New Pattern BROWN
Pistol: Alert Line PPK
Our Price: $5.99
Pistol: Dragon German WWII Walther P38 w/Dark Brown Holster Rifle: Alert Line German WWII MP40 Rifle: Battle Gear Arisaka Type 99 (Short)
Rifle: DiD Type 99 Rifle Arisaka w/Strap Sight: DiD MG34 Anti-Aircraft Spider Sight Sight: DiD MG42 Anti-Aircraft Spider Sight (Plastic)
Tool: DiD Tripod Mount Connector For MG42 (Metal)