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Ammo: Mars Toys Pistol Ammo Armor: Asmus Toys Mens Molded Forearm Guards Armor: Coo Models Metal Vambraces w/Spikes
Armor: Hot Toys Captain Marvel Blue Translucent Forearm Guards Armor: Hot Toys Mandalorian Beskar Shoulder Guard w/Mudhorn Signet (Right) Armor: HY Toys Mens Chainmail Top w/Leather-Like Straps
Armor: Lucifer Female Shoulder Guards Armor: Lucifer Female Upper Leg Guards Armor: ThreeZero Mens Couters
Arrow: ThreeZero Black Plastic Arrow Badge: Battle Gear Toys Western Marshal's Badge (Aged Brass) Badge: Battle Gear Toys Western Marshal's Badge (Aged Silver)
Beer: ZY Toys Single Green Beer Bottle Belt: DamToys Black Leather-Like Belt w/Hidden Sword Belt: DamToys Mens Leatherlike Belt w/Buckle
Belt: SW Toys Mens Black Leather-Like Belt Belt: ThreeZero Black Molded Belt w/Pouches Belt: ThreeZero Mens Black Leather-Like Belt
Bib: World Box Mens Weathered Denim Overalls Binoculars: Premier Toys Black Binoculars w/Strap (Weathered) Rug: ThreeZero Small Faux Fur Rug
Book: CC Toys Blue Notebook w/Pictures Book: DamToys Journal (Opens) Boots: Art Figures Black Molded Tactical Boots
Book: DamToys Journal
Our Price: $3.99
Boots: Asmus Toys Mens Molded Legolas Boots Boots: DamToys Mens Molded Black Boots Boots: ThreeZero Jaime Lannister's Molded Boots (Worn Look)
Boots: ThreeZero Joffrey Baratheon Molded Boots Boots: ThreeZero Mens Molded Brown Boots Bottle: CC Toys Molotov Cocktail
Bottle: DJ Custom JD Tennessee Whiskey Bow: Asmus Toys Bow of the Galadhrim w/Arrow Bow: CC Toys Bow w/Arrow
Bow: CC Toys Bow w/Arrow
Our Price: $12.99
Bow: DamToys Plastic Bow w/Arrow Box: DamToys Kara Brown Painted Box w/Golden Key TBLeague Ra the God of Sun Golden (PL2021-174A)
Bug: VTS Dead Alien Arachnid Bullhorn: DamToys Megaphone Cape: Hot Toys Red Thor Cape
Cape: TBLeague Mens Black Hoodless Cloak w/Fur Collar Cape: TBLeague Mens White Shredded Cape (Dirty) Cape: ThreeZero Red Cape
Tool: DamToys 1:1 Spade A Case: DamToys Black MP5 Briefcase (MP5 Not Included) Case: Hot Toys Silver Scepter Carrier (Scepter not included)