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Ammo: DamToys Cheek Pad w/Ammo Arm: Hot Toys Darth Vader Arm w/Attached Lightsaber Arm: Hot Toys Kylo Ren's Right Arm w/LED Lightsaber
Armor: DamToys Altaïr the Mentor Molded Forearm Guards w/Blade Armor: DamToys Leather Upper Arm Guards Armor: DamToys Mens Black Forearm Guards
Armor: DamToys Shoulder/Chest Plate Armor: GWG Wrist Armor w/Cloth Bands Armor: Hot Toys Wonder Woman Forearm Guards
Armor: Hot Toys Wonder Woman Forearm Guards Armor: Kaustic Plastik Arlon Belgica Type Cuirass Armor: Kaustic Plastik Leather-Like Forearm Guards
Armor: Kaustic Plastik Male Leather Forearm Guards Armor: Sideshow Star Wars Rey Cloth Arm Wraps Armor: TBLeague Mens Forearm Guards
Ax: TBLeague Bloody Ax Bag: DamToys Herschel Backpack Bag: DamToys Small Leatherlike Pouch
Ax: TBLeague Bloody Ax
Our Price: $7.99
Bag: Hot Toys Beige Cross-Body Bag Bag: Hot Toys Blast From The Past Bat: TBLeague Spiked Club
Belt: DamToys Brown Molded Belt w/Pouches & Knives Belt: DamToys Mens Leatherlike Belt w/Holster & Pouches Belt: DamToys Molded Dredd Belt Pouches & Drop Leg Pistol Holster
Belt: DamToys Red Belt Sash Belt: DamToys Red Cloth Sash Belt: Flagset Mens Dual Black Belts w/MOLLE Leg Panel
Belt: Hot Toys Luke Skywalker's Dark Brown Belt Belt: Storm Collectibles Red Hulkamania Belt Belt: TBLeague Mens Grey Cloth Belt
Boots: DamToys Justice Judge Molded Boots Boots: DamToys Flamed Cowboy Boots w/Ankle Pegs Boots: DAM GSG9 Black
Boots: DamToys Mens Molded Cowboy Boots Boots: Flagset Mens Brown Suede-Like Boots Boots: Hot Toys Mens Black Boots
Boots: Special Figures Mens Ski Boots Box: Very Cool Wooden Crate w/Cover Box: WJL Toys
Bracelet: Hot Toys Female Bracelet Bracelet: Hot Toys Female Gold Colored Bangle Cane: Hot Toys Emperor Palpatine's Black Cane
Cape: DamToys Mens Leatherlike Cape Cape: Hot Toys Star Wars Boba Fett Cape (Pre-Production) Cape: Kaustic Plastik Red Cape