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Create Models Sniper Girl Lan (CMD-DZ06) Create Models Sniper Girl Songbird (CMD-DZ05) DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Diamonds 6 Vera (DAM-GK025)
Dark Steel Toys The King of Fighters 97 Leona (ZEN-DSA001) Flagset Female Sharp Shooter (FS-73051) Flagset PRC Female Shock Trooper (FS-73052)
Flagset Red Alert Soviet Officer 2.0 Natasha (F73044) Flagset Soviet Red Alert Mobilize Troops Bella (F73048B) Flagset Three Kingdoms Southern Barbarian General Zhu Rong (F73047)
GD Toys End Bee Girl (GD-97003) GD Toys Doomsday Rat (GD-97001) GD Toys Frontline Maid Girls Eliza (GD-97007)
GD Toys Yulia (GD-97006) Heng Toys Persian Princess of the Persian (HGT-PE004) Hot Toys Axe Woves (908860)
Hot Toys Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl (906110) Hot Toys Black Widow (908908) Hot Toys Kate Bishop (910952)
Hot Toys Koska Reeves (908861) Hot Toys Multiverse of Madness - The Scarlet Witch (Deluxe Version) (9111212) Hot Toys Star Wars The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano (906960)
Hot Toys Thena (909955) I8Toys Serene Hound Troop Figure Grainne (i8-501S613) Long Shan Night Nun Elena (Deluxe) (LS-2023-XVA)
Long Shan Western Cowgirl Bounty Hunter Lucifer Cold Winter Big Suit (LXF-2208C) Modeling Toys British Metropolitan Armed Police Officer Chloe or Katie (MMS-9007)
Star Ace Harry Potter Ron Weasley (Teenage version) (SA-0059) SW Toys Rachel (SW-FS051) TBLeague Anime Girl Super-Flexible Seamless Body w/Head (PLLB2020-S36-S37)
TBLeague Aset Goddess of Magic - Black (PL2021-185A) TBLeague Hell's Messenger Silver (PL2022-202B) TBLeague Knight of Fire Golden (PL2020-173A)
TBLeague Large Breasts Seamless with Chunky Thighs (PLLB2023-S52-S53) TBLeague Month Deity of War Silver (PL2020-169B) TBLeague Mulan - Black (PL2023-204A)
TBLeague Nephthys White or Throne Boxed Figure: TBLeague Radiant Crown Divinity Silver (PL2023-211B) TBLeague Royal Defender-Black (PL2020-172B)
TBLeague Saintess Knights (PL2021-183) TBLeague Seamless Bodies Tall and Slender Type w/Head (PLLB2021-S40-S41) TBLeague Seamless Steel Skeleton Buxom Women Body
TBLeague Small Breasts Female Seamless Bodies (PL2021-S46-S47) TBLeague Soldier Amazon – Brown (PL2022-190B) TBLeague Su Daji Silver (PL2023-206B)