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Accessory Set: Super Duck Sexy Sniper (SUD-SET051) Super Duck Shanghai Sing-Song Girl (SUD-SET046) BBK Toys City Quinn's Revenge (BBK-011)
Ujindou Female Soldier Of The Vietcong Guerrilla (UD-9006) Food: ZY Toys Beer Crate w/Bottles (ZY-3010B) Food: ZY Toys Soda Crate w/Bottles (ZY-3010A)
Furniture: Feel Wo Toys Metal Bed w/Mattress (FW-011) Head: Super Duck Asian Head Sculpt 4.0 (SUD-SDH013) Head: YM Toys Female Head Maple (YMT-045)
Head: YM Toys Jasmine Female Head (YMT-027) Lingerie: MC Toys Exquisite Underwear Camry Series Spring (MCC-028) Outfit Set: Flirty Girl Female Combat Shorts Set
Outfit Set: ManModel Sailor Suit Set (MM-013) Outfit Set: NR Toys Windbreaker Set (NR-19) Outfit Set: POP Toys Bare-Shouldered Evening Dress (POP-F28)
Outfit: Fire Girl Seamless Pantyhose Skirt (FG-074) Outfit: Super Duck School Uniform (SET-044) Outfit: VS Toys Caribbean Style Mini Skirt Set (VST-19XG51)
VS Toys Female Assassin Clothing Set A (VST-17NSS-A) Outfit: YM Toys Sexy Cat Girl (YMT-051) Mr. Toys Angel Planet Princess Head Sculpt + Clothes Set (MT-2021-08)
Accessory Set: Super Duck Sexy Cowgirl (SUD-SET068) Accessory Set: Very Cool Red Spider (VC-L1010) Accessory Set: X2Y Toys Bikini Female Warrior Star Soldier Set (X2Y-SCS001)
Accessory Set: YM Toys Cold Moon Ninja (YMT-036) Accessory Set: YM Toys The Zombie Girl (YMT-067) BBK Toys Dark Night Sniper Laila (BBK-014)
BBK Toys Hellgirl (BBK-014-1) Character Set: YM Toys Freddy or Jason Costume Set: Super Duck Snake Girl (SUD-SET028)
Head: AS Toys Halloween Skeleton Pumpkin Heads (AST-070-71) Head: S2 Studio Female Head (S2-001) Head: Super Duck Russian Model Head Sculpt (SUD-SDH025)
Head: YM Toys Female Head Ada (YMT-039) YM Toys Female Head Lolita (YMT-053) Head: YM Toys Female Head Malus (YMT-046)
YM Toys Real Hair Female Head (YMT-054) Heads: Very Cool Western Actress Head Sculpture (VC-L1009) Lingerie: MC Toys Exquisite Underwear Wild Series (MCC-036-037)
Outfit Set: Flirty Girl Female Strapless Bra and Panty Sets (FGC-2020-9-12) Outfit Set: Super Duck Fantasy Fighting Set kimono Version (SUD-SET058) Outfit Set: Super Duck Magical Girl (SUD-SET054)
Outfit Set: Super Duck Queen of Atlantis (SUD-SET056) Outfit Set: Very Cool Denim Leisure Wear Set (VCL-1005) Outfit: Black Box Spectre Girl Set (BB-9006)