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Alert Line WWII Soviet Red Army Combat Engineer (AL-100029) CYYToys Chinese Expeditionary Force My Commander (DYH-004) DamToys 1st SFOD-D Combat Applications Group GUNNER (78074)
DamToys Chinese Peacekeeper - PLA in UN Peacekeeping Operations (DAM-78062) DamToys Operation Red Wings NAVY SEALS SDV Team 1 Team Leader (78069) DamToys PLA in UN Peacekeeping Operations (DAM-78067)
DamToys PLA Navy Marine Corps (DAM-78068) DamToys Russian Naval Infantry (78070) DamToys Russian Naval Infantry Special Edition (78070S)
DamToys Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group St.Petersburg (DAM-78071) DamToys Special Operations Forces of Russia (SSO) (78075) DamToys US Navy Special Operations Development Group NSWDG-AOR2 Camo Ver. (78072)
Boxed Figure: DiD US Astronauts DiD Donald Trump 2020 (AP003) DiD WWII 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian) Radio Operator Dennis or Matthias
DiD WWII German Major Erwin Konig (80138) DiD WWII German Wehrmacht Marschall - Karl Rudolf Gerd Von Rundstedt (GM643) DiD WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 1 - Private (80140)
ES NSW OPS OVERWATCH Elite Units (ES-26036S) ES NSW OPS OVERWATCH Sharpshooter (ES-26036R) ES NSWDG Escorting Team (ES-36001)
FacePoolFigure WWII US Ranger (FP-001) Flagset China SWAT Shandian Commandos (F73024) Flagset Chinese People's Liberation Army Desert Wolf (F73025)
Flagset PLA Airborne Forces (F73023) General's Armoury US ARMY Rifleman (UCP) (GA1001) IQO Model WWII 1938 Battle of Hailar Patrol w/Dog DE (IQO-91002B)
Magic Cube Russian Battle Angel (MC-M082) Mini Times Emergency Unit (MT-M020) Mini Times Female SEAL HALO (MT-017)
Mini Times Female SWAT (MT-016) Mini Times Mountain Warrior (MT-M019) (Horse Not Included) Mini Times US Winter Combat Training 2.0 (MT-M018)
Boxed Figure: Modeling Toys S.D.U Special Duties Unit (MMS-9004) Pure Arts Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cole D. Walker (905540) Soldier Story BIS Undercover Agent Shanghai 1942 (SS-113)
Soldier Story CTRU (Assault Team) (SS-115) Soldier Story CTRU Tactical Medic (SS-116) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story NSW Winter Warfare "Marksman" (SS-109)
Boxed Figure: Soldier Story WWII 101ST Airborne Division "Guy Whidden, II" (SS-110) Ujindou WWII British SAS Founder David Stirling 1942 (UD-90001) Ujindou WWII British SAS Lieutenant Edward MacDonald 1942 (UD-90002)
Very Cool Flecktarn Woman Soldier Kerr (VCF-2050) Yuegutang Half Warzone - The Young Commander Uniform Set: Alert Line WWII U.S. Army Uniform (AL-100027)