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DiD Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945) Version A (GM640) ACE Playgirl Series U.S. Vietnam War “Peace Company” (13034) Uniform Set: Alert Line WWII Afrika Female Officer Set (AL-100026)
CYYToys Chinese Expeditionary Force My Commander (DYH-004) Boxed Figure: DamToys 8th Anniversary Russian Spetnaz MVD SOBR LYNX (78059) DamToys Chinese Peacekeeper - PLA in UN Peacekeeping Operations (DAM-78062)
Boxed Figure: DamToys Chinese People's Liberation Army Special Forces - Xiangjian (78048) Boxed Figure: DamToys Combat Girl Series Pisces Lucy (DAM-DCG004) Boxed Figure: DamToys Combat Girl Series Pisces Nana (DAM-DCG003)
Boxed Figure: DamToys Dam Toys - Operation Red Sea PLA Navy Marine (DAM-DMS007) DamToys DEA SRT (Special Response Team) Agent El Paso (DAM-78063) Boxed Figure: DamToys French Police Unit Raid In Paris (DAM-78061)
DamToys Red Sea PLA Navy Marine Corps Jiao Long (DAM-DMS009) DamToys Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group (DAM-78064) Boxed Figure: DamToys Russian Spetsnaz MVD - SOBR LYNX (78058)
DiD WWII British 1st Airborne Division (Red Devils) Commander Roy (80135) DiD WWII German Communication 3 WH Radio Operator - Gerd (80133) E&S NSW RECCE Element Shooter Or Spotter (ES-26031)
E&S Tier 1 SMU Part V C.A.G Assault Team Breacher (ES-26020R) Boxed Figure: Flagset Chinese Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion (73016) Flagset Chinese Snow Leopard Commando Unit Female Sniper (F73021)
Flagset DEVGRU Jungle Dagger Action (F73020) Flagset Doomsday War Series End War Death Squad U Umir + Dog Suit (F73022) Boxed Figure: Flagset Israel Wild Boy SF Sayeret Matkal Syria Infiltration (73017)
Flagset The Chinese People's Liberation Army - Machine Gunner (F73019) Green Wolf Gear GALAC-TAC Urban Raider (GWG-008) Boxed Figure: Mini Times Mini Times CIA Armed Agents (MT-014)
Mini Times SEAL Team Navy Special Forces Modeling Toys British MPS Female Police Officer (MMS-9005) Boxed Figure: Modeling Toys S.D.U Special Duties Unit (MMS-9004)
Boxed Figure: Modeling Toys US Navy Seal Underway Boarding Unit (MMS-9003) Redman Fury Tank Division (RMT-037) Soldier Story BIS Undercover Agent Shanghai 1942 (SS-113)
Soldier Story CTRU (Assault Team) (SS-115) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story Iraq Special Operations Forces “ISOF” (SS-105) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story ISOF SAW Gunner (SS-107)
Boxed Figure: Soldier Story Medal Of Honor Navy SEAL Tier One Operator "Voodoo" (SS-106) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story NSW Winter Warfare "Marksman" (SS-109) Boxed Figure: Soldier Story US Army 28th Infantry Division Machine Gunner Arden 1944 (SS-111)
Boxed Figure: Soldier Story WWII 101ST Airborne Division "Guy Whidden, II" (SS-110) Boxed Figure: Toys Power Former Japanese Army Sergeant Of Spy Organization (CT-010A) Very Cool A-TACS FG Women Soldier - Jenner (VCF-2037)
Very Cool Eighth Route Army Medical Soldier Boxed Figure: Very Cool Female SS Officer Action Figure (VCF-2036)