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TBLeague Dawn’s 30th Anniversary (PL2019-151) Boxed Figure: Add Toys King of Khalasar (AD-06) Add Toys Seek Wolf (AD-01)
Ares Toys Border Hunter Declan (PJ-002) Art Figures Arms Dealer (AF-AI6) Asmus Toys Devil May Cry V (907085)
Asmus Toys The Lord of the Rings Galadriel (ASM-LOTR019) Boxed Figure: Blitzway Bill and Ted (903705) Boxed Figure: By Art Amazed w/Cat (BY-012A)
Boxed Figure: By Art Transcendent (BY-013) CC Toys The Last Survivor Part 2 Elli (CCT-20X01) CC Toys The Last Survivor Part 2 Joe (CCT-20X02)
COO Model Die-Cast Alloy Knights Of Saint Michel (CM-SE070) COO Model Die-Cast Alloy Order Of The Sacred Garter (CM-SE069) COO Model Nightmare Series Dark Raider (CM-NS002)
COO Model Nightmare Series Lord Covenant (CM-NS003) COO Model Nightmare Series Sword Brethren (CM-NS001) DamToys Extreme Zone Samurai Sakifuji Craig (DAM-EBS001)
DamToys Gangster Kingdom Spade J's Memory Greg (DAM-GKS003MX) DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Club K Hong Wu (DAM-GK020) DamToys Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy (DAM-DMS030)
Dark Steel Toys The King of Fighters 97 Leona (ZEN-DSA001) Dark Toys A Psycho Deluxe Edition (DTM-003) DJ Customs Hollywood Time (Double Set) (DJ-16005)
Flagset Lady Scissorhands (FS-G001) Hat Shot Blood Source First Hunter Geman (HS-10) Hot Toys 1984 Wonder Woman (906792)
Boxed Figure: Hot Toys Ant-Man & The Wasp - Wasp (903698) Hot Toys Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel (906305) Hot Toys Avengers Endgame Loki (906459)
Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War Nebula (904611) Hot Toys Avengers: Endgame Rescue (904772) Hot Toys Avengers: Endgame Thanos (Battle Damaged Version) (905891)
Hot Toys Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark (Team Suit) (904726) Hot Toys Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl (906110) Hot Toys Birds of Prey Harley Quinn (905902)
Hot Toys Birds of Prey Harley Quinn (Caution Tape Jacket Version) (906087) Hot Toys Captain America (2012 Version) (904929) Hot Toys Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker (906712)
Hot Toys Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker and STAP (906795) Hot Toys Deadpool 2 Cable (906791) Hot Toys Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader (906190)
Hot Toys Endgame Hulk (904922) Hot Toys Endgame Iron Patriot (904924) Hot Toys Endgame Thor (904926)