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Knife: CrazyFigure 1/12th NR43 Dagger w/Sheath Knife: DamToys 1/12th M7 Bayonet w/Scabbard (Knife can not be removed) Pistol: DamToys 1/12th M1911 (Slide Lock)
Pistol: DamToys 1/12th M1911 w/Holster (Pistol can not be removed) Rifle DamToys 1/12th M870 Shotgun w/Folding Stock Rifle: DamToys 1/12th M79 Grenade Launcher
Sight: Very Cool 1:12 EOTech Sight Tool: DamToys 1/12th Black Halligan Weapon: CrazyFigure 1/12th GP25 Grenade Launcher