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Case: PC Toys Weapon Box (PC005) Heavy Weapon Zacca Bazooka Collection 2 4 M20A1 Bazooka Accessory Set: MC Toys Greyman Outfit + Weapon Set (MCC-026)
Camera: ZY Toys DSLR Camera Set (ZY-16-20) Display: PC Toys 1/12th Weapon Rack (PC003) Food: ZY Toys Beer Crate w/Bottles (ZY-3010B)
Food: ZY Toys Soda Crate w/Bottles (ZY-3010A) Rifle Set: Mini Times MK16 + MK17 Rifle Set: ZY Toys SVD Rifle (ZY-2012A)
Rifle Set: ZY Toys SVDS Rifle (ZY-2012B) Uniform Set: QO Toys The Chernobyl Rescuer (QOM-1011) Uniform Set: QO Toys The Chernobyl Scavenger (QOM-1012)
Rifle Set: E&S PMC Weapon Set/Doom's Day Kit E&S Special Forces Weapon Set B (ES-06020) Rifle Set: Easy + Simple Ranger Firearm Pack A (ES-06022)
Rifle: ZY Toys 1/6 M2 Machine Gun (ZY-8031B) Uniform Set: Bandit Joe Modern US Tanker Set (BR-B-0006)