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PREORDER Boxed Figure: DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Hearts 6 Augustine + Crocuta (DAM-GK027)
DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Hearts 6 Augustine + Crocuta (DAM-GK027)

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Our Price: $269.99
Scale: 1/6
Mfg. Number: DAM-GK027
ETA 2nd/3rd Qtr 2023

Availability: Pre-Order
Product Code: DMB0271


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Not in Stock. Expected to ship in 3rd Qtr 2023

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Non Refundable Deposit is due with in 48 hours of placing the order
Please understand that the NRD will not be refunded for any reason unless DamToys cancels this project
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Payment plans are available

Combo - Augustine & Crocuta is $269.99 - Non refundable Deposit is $40.00
Augustine is $214.99 - Non Refundable deposit is $10.00
Red Skull Body is $77.99 - Non Refundable Deposit is $20.00
Crocuta is $62.99 - Non Refundable Deposit is $20.00

Chapter 9: The Treasure Fight Verse 1: Desire Desire rampages through my blood Augustine, the 6 of Hearts and his older brother August, the 7 of Hearts are orphans of a drug dealer. Their parents died while smuggling drugs for the K of Hearts, who then adopted them at the age of two and four. Adopted by K as kids, the brothers developed firstly the loyalty to the Heart family, and then their ferocious character. The brothers were locked up with many other orphans in a brutal elimination system, and they made it out alive. From that moment K of Hearts had already earmarked their destiny ---- drugs. After years of grooming, the brothers took over the drug business at the US-Mexico border, which has always been a major source of income for the Heart family. The Wilson and Turner families have been trying to bring the brothers into their fold. Augustine is known as a big, strong, vicious and brutal man and nicknamed "The Imp" at the border. The nickname derives from his penchant for collecting skulls of his enemies and making them into the shape of demon heads for deterrence. room in his villa stashed with two wine coolers full of skulls, all of which are his trophies. In a high walled villa in the deep desert north of Mexico, the curtains are draping, and the light is dim. Augustine sits on a sofa in the hall stroking an African hyena beside him. On the sofa next to him are two beautiful girls who have just taken a new drug. Every time a new drug arrives, Augustine will test it on the girls around him. The girls begin to have strong hallucinations, and instead of the powerful, sexy face of Augustine, they see a red demonic skeleton face in the dim red light puffing cigar vapor. Strangely, they are not scared at all. Instead, the powerful hallucination gives them a thrill they have never felt before. The door is suddenly thrown open and a fat white man holding a cigar walks in. Mike, he is the lawyer and liaison assigned to the brothers by the Hearts family. Mike strides into the hall and gestures for everyone to leave. A few of his men drag the two girls who are obviously high as a kite out of the hall. Waiting for everyone to clear out, Mike makes his way to the sofa and looks at Augustine, "The location of Saxon's treasure has been confirmed, it's over 40 kilometers away and we need to move now. Your brother is on his way". He holds up his phone and shows a map coordinate to Augustine. "Who else will be there?" Augustine asks after looking at the map. "The Diamonds and Spades are already on their way. We must speed up." Mike replies as he takes back his phone. At night seven cars drives out of Augustine's villa and heads towards southwestern Mexico. At a highway tamp a team of more than 20 motorbikes suddenly appears merging into the convoy and keep running...
Augustine GK027
Head carving HEADSCULP
clothing: motorcycle jacket BIKER JACKET
hole jeans RIPPED JEANS
black belt BLACK BELT
shotgun case SHOTGUN SET
shotgun belt SHOTGUN BELT
scarf SCARF
bare hands x4 HAND x4
MAT49 Magazine x2 MAT49 CARTRIDGE X2
Ax Knife + Metal Chain AX KNIFE + METAL CHAIN
cigars CIGAR
shotgun x16 SHOTGUN X16
motorcycle boots MOTORCYCLE BOOTS
*If you purchase Augustine on it's own for $214.99 you will not receive the Red Skull Body or Crocuta

Red Skull Body GK027A
*If you purchase Red Skull Body for $77.99 you will not receive the anything else pictured except for the Skull Head and Red Body (cloths and accessories are not included)

Hyena GK027B
spotted hyena CROCUTA CROCUTA
mouth cover DOG MASK
traction rope DOG LEASH
*If you purchase Crocuta on it's own for $62.99 you will not receive anything else but the muzzle, collar and leash
For ages 15 and up
Subject to change without notice