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Asmus Toys LOTR Legolas at Helm's Deep (908182) BBK Toys Skier Snow Sniper (BBK-018) Black Box Conor (BB-9022)
DamToys Gangster Kingdom Diamonds 7 Derrick (DAM-GK026) DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Diamonds 6 Vera (DAM-GK025) DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Hearts 6 Augustine + Crocuta (DAM-GK027)
DamToys Gangsters Kingdom Spade David and Dobermann (DAM-GK022) End I Toys Chainsaw Man (EIT-015) EXO-6 Lt. Commander Data (2 Versions)
Fish Bone Toys Fighting Club Taylor and Jack  Double Set (FBT-Z012) GD Toys End Bee Girl (GD-97003) GD Toys Cobra (GD-97009)
GD Toys Doomsday Rat (GD-97001) GD Toys Frontline Maid Girls Eliza (GD-97007) GD Toys Yulia (GD-97006)
Hot Toys Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Mark LXXXV (904599) Hot Toys Axe Woves (908860) Hot Toys Batman (Tactical Batsuit Version) (911795)
Hot Toys Batman (XE Suit) (908863) Hot Toys Cyborg (903120) Hot Toys Death Trooper (Black Chrome) (909531)
Hot Toys Endgame Hulk (904922) Hot Toys Endgame Thor (904926) Hot Toys Green Goblin (Regular or Deluxe)
Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I (908901) Hot Toys Iron Man Mark LXXXV (Battle Damaged Version) (904923) Hot Toys Iron Man Mark V (907514)
Hot Toys Mandalorian Boba Fett (907834) Hot Toys Mandalorian Dark Trooper Hot Toys Mandalorian Shoretrooper Squad Leader (907516)
Hot Toys Miles Morales (2020 Suit) (907835) Hot Toys Multiverse of Madness - The Scarlet Witch (Deluxe Version) (9111212) Hot Toys Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear (Deluxe Version)
Hot Toys Spider-Man (Homemade Suit) (905176) Hot Toys Spider-Man (Integrated Suit) (909812) Hot Toys Spider-Man (Integrated Suit) Deluxe Version (909813)
Hot Toys Star Wars Sith Jet Trooper (905634) Hot Toys Star Wars The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano (906960) Hot Toys Steve Rogers and The Hydra Stomper (909168)
Hot Toys Swoop Bike (908755) Hot Toys The Origins Collection Iron Man (Deluxe) (908152) Hot Toys The Punisher War Machine Armor (904324)
Hot Toys Thena (909955) Hot Toys Tony Stark (Mark V Suit Up Version) (908410) Hot Toys Tony Stark (Mark V Suit Up Version) Deluxe (908411)