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PREORDER Boxed Figure: Sincerity Toys New Earth Series First Hit Helena (ST-82825L)
Sincerity Toys New Earth Series First Hit Helena (ST-82825L)

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Our Price: $189.99
Scale: 1/6
Size: 12 in tall (approx)
Mfg. Number: ST-82825L
ETA 2nd Qtr 2022

Availability: Pre-Order
Product Code: SINB0001

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Discovery Squad: Helena (82825L) In 2150 A.D., as a result of centuries of unconscionable use of fossil fuels and intense environmental activity, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose sharply, the ozone layer was severely damaged, temperatures rose sharply, and the Earth gradually became unfit for human survival. In order to survive, all mankind, free from estrangement, hatred and discrimination, unite and begin to find a new planet suitable for survival, opening the "future survival action" of the beginning. For this great cause, an expedition of top soldiers and scientists from all over the world went to the vastness of space. Space is full of unknowns, space environment is bad, the exploration process is long, in order to find new planets can be successful, but also in order to increase the survival and work skills of explorers, the action team carried out genetic modification of them! Exploration team member: Helena (82825L) In 2150 AD, due to the unrestrained use of fossil energy for centuries and the violent destruction of the environment, the concentration of carbon dioxide in atmosphere has risen sharply, the ozone layer has been severely destroyed, the temperature has risen sharply, and the earth gradually become unsuitable for human’s survival. For survival, all mankind abandon estrangement, hatred and discrimination, united as one, and began to search for a new planet suitable for survival, which opens the prelude to the "Future Survival Action". For this noble cause, an expedition composed of excellent soldiers and scientists from whole the world fly towards the outer space. The outer space is full of unknowns, the environment is harsh, and the process of exploration is long. In order to make sure the project to be successful, and to increase the survival and work skills of expedition members, the action committee has genetically modified the expedition members!
Normal head type s1 Normal head shape 1pcs
Variant head type s1 Variant head shape 1pcs
Steel bone-wrapped girl body 1pcs
Hand type s8 Hands 8pcs Variant Paws x2 Variation Paw 2pcs
Thermal eyeglasses s1 Thermal Imaging Glasses 1pcs
Remotely locate the call bracelet 1pcs
Anti-spoke armor s1 Anti-radiation armor 1pcs
White Cape s1 White cloak 1pcs
Mutant Cape (Red) Variation Cloak (Red) 1pcs
Tights : 1 Tights 1pcs
Boots s2 boots 2pcs
Laser gun s1 Laser gun 1pcs
Hoods s1 Hood 1pcs
Bracket 1 Bracket 1pcs
For ages 15 and up
Subject to change without notice