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Accessory Set: DiD WWII Accessory Kit Of General Patton (E60071) Accessory Set: By Art Adah Accessory Set (BY-021A) Accessory Set: Mr. Toys Killing Girl Clothing Accessories Set (MT-2021-10)
Accessory Set: Super Duck Amaze Girl (SUD-SET006) Accessory Set: Very Cool Red Spider (VC-L1010) DiD 1/6th WWII Bf109 Cockpit (Grey Blue or Sand) (E60065)
DiD WWII German 12cm Granatwerfer 42 mortar (E60074) Head: COO Model Silica Gel Realistic Head Sculpt (CM-SG001) Head: FacePoolFigure Discover History Series Vasily Zaytsev (FP-H-006)
Head: LZ Toys Zero Hair Transplant Female Head (LZT-SET014) Head: SC Toys LaLi Head (SCT-003) Head: SC Toys YouXi Head (SCT-004)
PREORDER Head: SC Toys LaLi Head (SCT-003)
Our Price: $39.99 Deposit $5.00
PREORDER Head: SC Toys YouXi Head (SCT-004)
Our Price: $39.99 Deposit $10.00
Outfit: SA Toys High-Waisted Slim-fit Yoga Set (SAT-044) Outfit: SA Toys Preppy Swimsuit Set (SAT-048) Uniform Set: QO Toys German 100th Jager Division Carpathians 1944 (QOM-1027)
Weapon Set: Easy Simple Doom's Day Kit Weapon Set VI (ES-06037) Weapon Set: Easy Simple Private Military Contractor Weapon Set D (ES-06036) Weapon Set: Very Cool Weapon + Gear Set 01 (VCL-1013)