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Head: FacePool Black Male Head Sculpt w/Expression Accessory Set: Mr. Toys Killing Girl Clothing Accessories Set (MT-2021-10) Accessory Set: Super Duck Amaze Girl (SUD-SET006)
Accessory Set: Super Duck Evil Lady (SUD-SET080) Accessory Set: Super Duck Sexy Cowgirl (SUD-SET068) Accessory Set: Very Cool Red Spider (VC-L1010)
Accessory Set: YM Toys The Zombie Girl (YMT-067) Boxed Display: DiD 1/6 WWII German Panther Tank Diorama (Sand Version) (E60068S) Character Set: YM Toys Freddy or Jason
Flight Wing: 1/18 MiG-15 (4 Versions) (ZFW-002) Head: COO Model Silica Gel Realistic Head Sculpt (CM-SG001) FacePool Asian/Caucasian Male Head Sculpt w/Expression
Head: FacePoolFigure Discover History Series Vasily Zaytsev (FP-H-006) Head: Fire Girl Elf Girl Adah Ada (FG-087) Head: Fire Girl Yoki (FG-086)
Head: Super Duck Elf Female Head Sculpture (SUD-SDH038) YM Toys Female Head Fay (YMT-083) YM Toys Female Head Rose (YMT-084)
Outfit Set: Super Duck Magical Girl (SUD-SET054) Outfit: Fire Girl Soldier Spider Bodysuit 2.0 (FG-088) Outfit: SA Toys Classic Back Crossover Underwear Set (SAT-013)
Outfit: SA Toys Classic Back Wrap Lingerie Set (SAT-027) Outfit: SA Toys Fashion Casual Men's Briefs Set (SAT-007) Outfit: SA Toys Female Agent Hero Suit (SAT-040)
Uniform Set: QO Toys German 100th Jager Division Carpathians 1944 (QOM-1027) Weapon Set: Easy Simple VSASS Weapon Set - Project Joy (ES-06030) Weapon Set: Very Cool Weapon + Gear Set 01 (VCL-1013)