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Accessory Set: Mars Toys Heisenberg (MAT001) Accessory Set: MC Toys Greyman Outfit + Weapon Set (MCC-026) Accessory Set: Super Duck Angry Wolfman (SUD-SET045)
Accessory Set: Super Duck Oni Girl (SUD-SET049) Accessory Set: Super Duck Sexy Sniper (SUD-SET051) Accessory Set: YM Toys Cold Moon Ninja (YMT-036)
Boxed Figure or Vehicle: Hot Toys Batman or Bat-Pod Boxed Vehicle: Hot Toys Batmobile (908080) Character Set: YM Toys Freddy or Jason
Costume Set: Super Duck Snake Girl (SUD-SET028) Diorama: Five Toys Telephone Booth w/LED (FIT-2013) Diorama: Mini Times The Shoot House (MT-M025)
Display: DiD 1/6 U-Boat Conning Tower Gun Deck Diorama Set (2 Options) Head: FacePoolFigure Discover History Series Vasily Zaytsev (FP-H-006) Head: S2 Studio Female Head (S2-001)
Head: Super Duck Joey B (SUD-SDH026) Head: Super Duck Russian Model Head Sculpt (SUD-SDH025) Head: Top Laughter Head (TOP-004)
Head: YM Toys Female Head (YMT-025) Head: YM Toys Female Head Ada (YMT-039) Head: YM Toys Female Head Malus (YMT-046)
Head: YM Toys Female Head Maple (YMT-045) Lingerie: MC Toys Exquisite Underwear Wild Series (MCC-036-037) Outfit Set: Flirty Girl Female Strapless Bra and Panty Sets (FGC-2020-9-12)
Outfit Set: Super Duck Fantasy Fighting Goddess (SUD-SET055) Outfit Set: Super Duck Fantasy Fighting Set kimono Version (SUD-SET058) Super Duck Fantasy Wizard Cosplay Series (SUD-SET057)
Outfit Set: Super Duck Magical Girl (SUD-SET054) Outfit Set: Super Duck Queen of Atlantis (SUD-SET056) Outfit Set: Super Duck The Water Princess (SUD-SET053)
Outfit Set: Very Cool Denim Leisure Wear Set (VCL-1005) Outfit Set: VS Toys Assassin Bodysuit (VST-19XG62) VS Toys Attack Girl Sexy Costume Cloak Set (VST-19XG39)
Outfit: Black Box Spectre Girl Set (BB-9006) Outfit: Cuke Toys The Bomb Girl (CK-MA008) Outfit: Cuke Toys The Overalls Set (CK-MA011)
Outfit: VS Toys Winter Girl (VST-19XG69) Outfit: YM Toys Sexy Cat Girl (YMT-051) Outfit: YM Toys Silver Hair Assassin (YMT-052)
Rifle Set: General Double Barreled Shotgun (GA-008) Rifle Set: General Modified M1911 Pistol (GA-006) Shoes: Flirty Girl Female High-Heeled Mesh Boots
Uniform Set: COO Model Armored Sergent (Real Chain Armor)  (CM-SE071) Uniform Set: Mr. Toys The Reporter (MT-2018-01C)